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The Big Girl Bed

Posted on: September 15, 2009

After endless nights of restless sleeping and the hubby literally falling on the floor (yes, it was funny & yes, I did laugh!) we’ve decided to convert Isabella’s crib into a toddler bed so maybe she will actually sleep in it?!

Well, after several hours of  “Super Man” as Isabella affectionately calls her Daddy, trying to screw the toddler rail onto her Babi Italia crib which ended in the wooden screw holes splitting (don’t ask — it  wasn’t fun for anyone!) and Minnie Mama finding the perfect toddler bedding (‘Tinkey Bell’ as Isabella calls her) we finally assembled the most beautiful toddler bed ever and Isabella LOVED it!

Aaah, yes she loves her new bed. She loves to climb in it with her dollies. She loves to read books in it. She loves to make Minnie Mama lay in it with her. She loves to jump on it. She loves to lay on her Tinkey Bell pillow and comforter. Yes, she loves it all. Except sleeping in it!

I guess for now we can focus on taking an occasional nap in it? And thank the lord that it also turns into a full sized bed as I pray she will still not be sleeping with us by then!  🙂



1 Response to "The Big Girl Bed"

If you really want her to get into her own bed and stay there…does she like soft and comfy? Most kids do, and I will tell you that my twin grand daughters who are 7 as well as my 2yr grandson LOVE the serenity plush sheets we carry at Private Quarters. I have sold these to Dozens of parents (and grandparents for the kids) and it works every time. Give them a try!

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