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My Brave Girl

Posted on: September 17, 2009

Isabella was very excited to be going to the doctor’s for her flu shot yesterday. Perhaps it was because  she’s been infatuated with “going to the doctor” ever since we took the cat to the vet.

We arrived to the appointment a few minutes early so Isabella played in the waiting room filled with fun new toys and new children (sniffly, sneezing, coughing SICK children — fun!). I just kept thinking to myself — do they disinfect these toys every night? Will these kids make my healthy toddler sick? Ugh, the OCD in me was running rampid.

And then as if the OCD gods were looking out for me our names were called, phew! We went into the exam room and Isabella got her shot. A shot that I had gotten right before picking her up, a shot that truly hurt, and still hurts my arm today. BUT my amazing little soldier didn’t even cry! I will admit she did make this terribly sad little face that made me want to cry, but she was so brave and didn’t cry. I was so proud of her!

As a reward for being such a good girl the doctor gave her 1 sticker of her choice. She said “tank you” to the doctor and then looked up at him with those beautiful big eyes and said “more shot pease?”. The doctor laughed and Isabella looked up at him again and said “more sticka”. Aahh, her real motive comes out, but you gotta admit Minnie Mama’s “mini mama” is smart.   🙂


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