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The Swing Set Search

Posted on: September 21, 2009


Hello parents! Have you started looking for a swing set for your little ones? Do you have any idea how much they cost? Honestly, before we started looking we had no idea and just assumed a couple hundred dollars would be more than sufficient. Well, we were totally wrong! Of course you can buy those self-assemblied metal ones from the toy store, but lets be honest — they are a bit of an eye sore and rust out after just a couple years. So we started looking at those fancy wooden ones from the various swingset factories and those swingsets all had ‘nice’ price tags to go along with them! Honestly, they cost more than a few months of our mortgage payments!!! We were feeling so discouraged and felt like we’d either have to refinance our home or just face the fact that Isabella would never experience all the fun of playing on a swingset (there’s no parks in our area).

But then we stumbled accross this amazing local swing set company and we found that we could actually afford one of those fancy swingsets at a fraction of the competitor’s prices and it would be custom built to meet our needs! Now you may be wondering how we were able to score such a deal, well the truth is its a factory center which means they build all of their own swingsets right there on site. Plus they offer free layway and can deliver / set it up for an additional small fee which to me is priceless as my hubby has no patience! Hee hee 🙂

I can’t even begin to tell you how many endless hours Isabella and I have spent playing on this swingset (yes, it even holds adult weight!) and I know we will continue to for years to come as the quality of it has exceeded all of my expectations.

So when you decide to purchase a swingset then don’t waste endless hours and weekends searching for the right one as I’ve already done the research for you — just contact me for the info!


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