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True Beauty

Posted on: October 13, 2009

As ironic as this may sound when I was in esthetician school I had to write a paper on what beauty meant to me. Now, I knew that my teacher wanted me to write about how true beauty went deeper than the skin we were learning how to work on so I based my whole paper on a story about my “dying friend” who was beautiful because she was a fighter and hopefully a survivor. That was a lie and to this day I still feel guilty.

At the age of 22 I didn’t know what true beauty was although I had a basic idea — hence, my big fabricated story! But truthfully, I believed that true beauty was a young girl, such as myself, all made up with fancy expensive make-up, blonde foiled locks, and designer clothes in nothing bigger than a size 4. It sounds so shallow, but to me that was beautiful and that’s the goal that I strived to achieve and pushed myself towards. Yes, I did manage to get down to a size 2 and I met all of my criteria, but you know what?! That was truly never good enough for me. No, it really wasn’t enough. There was something still lacking in my life. I needed more. I craved more, well maybe I was craving food too, but that’s besides the point!

What I needed was TRUE beauty in my life! I just didn’t know where to find it or what it really was. But a few years later and a lot of growing up, I have found true beauty. Its everywhere in my life now, its my happiness and serenity, and it all comes from deep within me and all around me. I really wish I could go back to school and re-write that paper because I would tell my teacher not what I think she wants to hear, but what I want to tell her.

True beauty is my undying and unconditional love for my precious little girl. Her smiles and giggles. Her angelic expression when she sleeps. Her naughty smirk. Everything about her is beautiful! I never imagined being able to love someone as deeply as I love her, but I do and it’s the best feeling ever.

True beauty is also the stretch marks that my friends have from their pregnancies. No, I thankfully don’t have any and yes I am still somewhat vain, BUT if I did have them then that would be okay too as they are a beautiful reminder of your pregnancy journey.

True beauty is my not so perky anymore breasts from nursing my daughter. They are even more beautiful to me as from my body she’s received the nutrition and vitamins she needs to grow into this amazing little person.

True beauty is the slight lines around my mouth and the faint creases around my eyes as they’re the signs that I smile and laugh a lot because I love life.

True beauty is being comfortable in my own skin and loving who I am even though I am not “perfect”.

True beauty is all around us and inside each of us…we just need to find it!


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