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My Mistake…Poor Beulah

Posted on: October 13, 2009

Okay so I have a revision to post in regards to my other entries and its about Beulah! I will admit that I thought it was amazing and the coolest thing ever to be able to ride a real, live elephant. However, after truly thinking about it — it’s a terribly cruel activity to participate in and I feel so guilty that I actually enjoyed it for those short moments!

We rode Beulah again yesterday and then after riding this magnificent beast, Isabella wanted to ride the ponies so we did. The ponies are under an outdoors tent and they literally walk in the same circle all day long. Not only do they walk in a circle day in and day out, but they are literally chained up to this giant circular spoke so they are like little pony slaves and its awful! We pat the pony and talked to it, but seriously it had no “life” in its eyes — all we saw was a blank sad stare. I know, its an animal and obviously wouldn’t talk back to us, but it just looked sad if you know what I mean?! And then there was a few more ponies chained up to a trailer by the tent — those ponies had like 2 feet if that to walk and that’s as far as the chain would let them go.

I’ve always been on the fence with animal rights & cruelty as I could easily be a vegan and always have felt bad for caged up animals as they should be in their natural habitat or if nothing else at least roaming on a giant preservation. I always say that I won’t attend the Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey circus because of their alleged cruel acts to their animals, but for whatever odd reason I got so caught up in the excitement of riding Beulah that I lost my morals and even worse passed this excitement onto Isabella who is too young to fully understand why this is wrong.

Also, I am ashamed to admit that I acted somewhat recklessly as a mother by allowing Isabella to ride this elephant. I did a bit of research on this particular traveling petting zoo and they’ve had numerous complaints and incidents with their elephants, Beulah and Minnie, where not only their employees, but also innocent bystanders (young children) were injured as a result of how they mistreat their animals! I mean, my baby could’ve been seriously or even fatally injured. What the heck was I thinking?!

After sitting here for a good portion of the day and thinking about what I could do to right my wrongs, I decided that the best I could do was blog about this in the hopes that you all will learn from my mistake and hopefully not participate in similar acts when the local circus / fairs come to your town. And if you’d like to learn more about these uncruel acts then please let me know as I can share with you all of the legitimate sites I found the information on — its very eye opening!


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