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A Fashionista’s Secret Weapon

Posted on: October 14, 2009

Minnie Mama is so excited to share with all if you her newest secret weapon for the fashion world — the Invisibelt!!

This amazing fashion invention ensures that you’ll never have an unflattering bulge from bulky belt buckles anymore. Its a completely flat and adjustable belt that fits women with waist sizes from 0-14 for the standard belt or if you need it to be a little bigger then they make one that fits up to size 4X.

Okay so enough with all of the details that I read about on their website as you too could just read the website, here’s the real review from Minnie Mama as I was lucky enough to try out this product first hand thanks to Ms. Kathy Miller-Kramer!  🙂

Kathy was so generous and sent Minnie Mama both a black and a clear belt and honestly I can’t thank her enough as these belts are AWESOME!! If you’re like me then you’ll do anything to avoid wearing those dreaded ‘Mom jeans’ so you end up wearing wicked cute chic jeans, but lets be honest — those jeans were designed for much younger women AKA they are so low rise that everyone sees my thong! And then if I try to put a belt on to hold the pants up, I just end up looking silly or even worse like a mom who’s trying to be cool as it bulks up my fitted top — either way, its just not good! But now with this belt I can wear the cute jeans without all of those fashion disasters! And did I mention that it also gives me a slimmer smoothed out appearance instantly? Honestly, I am not sure what its secret ingredient is, but I don’t question success — I just enjoy it!

And ladies if you have pre-teen /teenage daughters then you’ll be happy to know that they also make an Invisbelt for girls! Now your girls can wear their cute jeans too without their Dad freaking out that their jeans are too low and learning that his baby girl wears a thong just like her mom! LOL   🙂

So if you’re looking for the perfect belt thats not a belt then visit Invisibelt’s website because they’re currently offering a special promotion for 15% off your purchase! This new belt is so amazing that magazines such as Life & Style, Lucky, Shape, People, etc are getting in on the action and recommending Invisbelt!

I just heard from Kathy herself that Invisibelt now also sells a new glamour lacy version of the belt in addition to their clear and black! Seriously ladies, check this belt out today as Minnie Mama knows you won’t regret it!   🙂


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