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Posted on: October 15, 2009


Minnie Mama recently had the pleasure of testing out Icy Diamond Tote Bags created by a brand new company started by a fellow Mama, Mariza Verdugo.

These fabulous insulated bags were created for the need to carry the little things in life such as small snacks, drinks, medicine, teething rings, formula, chocolate, etc. without having them melt in the heat or having to deal with the nuisance of carrying a cooler. Icy Diamond Tote Bags are completely insulated and feature pockets on each side of the interior so you can neatly slip your ice packs in without having to worry about them rubbing up against whatever your carrying.

Each Icy Diamond Tote Bag retails for only $14.95 and includes a strap, hook to attach to your pants or whatever, and 2 ice packs. As of this moment you can only order this product online, but hopefully soon they will be sold in your local shops.

Okay so enough with the information from their website, here is Minnie Mama’s personal review on this awesome product:

Minnie Mama sought out this company as she heard about it through a friend and just had to learn more information about this new find. Minnie Mama’s first thought was this is the perfect invention to stylishly carry and conceal pumped breast milk for us working Mamas! For all of you nursing Mamas who pump at work then you know exactly what I mean about how embarrassing it can feel to carry your ‘tubes’ back from the Mother’s Room and then store them in the office fridge, but now with this invention you can discreetly store your milk in the bag and even keep it at your desk if desired as its fully insulated!

Minnie Mama received a cute baby pink Icy Diamond Tote Bag (also available in navy blue & brown) and couldn’t be happier with it! This little bag has already been used for a daytrip to our local fair to keep Isabella’s sippy cup with milk cold and then once she drank that we stored fresh homemade fudge along with a caramel apple (yummy stuff!). And the size of this bag couldn’t be more perfect — it fit PERFECTLY inside my diaper bag without weighing it down or making it seem too crammed.

We’re planning a family trip to the islands later on this year so we’ll definitely be bringing the Icy Diamond Totes Bag with us as it’ll be perfect for the airplane and then hot days at the beach! 🙂

You’ve heard it here first, now go out and order your Icy Diamond Totes Bag today!


icy bag 2


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