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Lip Gloss and Tattoos

Posted on: October 19, 2009

Lip gloss and tattoos. I love wearing lip gloss and I may even have a tattoo. But no this post isn’t about Minnie Mama, its about the Mini Minnie Mama who is absolutely OBSESSED with these two things! Oh yeah and I did mention she’s not even two yet?!

Her lip gloss is only the Disney princess kind or Mommy’s MAC if she can manage to sneak it out of my purse quick enough.  And I gotta give it to my baby, she does a really good job at putting on her lip gloss. Sometimes it will end up on her cheeks and chin, but for the most part its smeared all over those pretty pouty lips! Hee hee. 

Okay so maybe its not really that bad. I mean, her tattoos or tats as she likes to call them are of course only temporary and they are Disney characters — Minnie Mouse rocks, ya know!

So truly its not a big deal and it is kinda cute, but I am still sitting here early Sunday morning wondering if maybe years and years from now when she’s like 40 (okay totally wishful thinking, more like 18-20 I know!) will she be the next Kat Von Dee or whatever the heck that girl’s name is?! I mean, that girl is totally beautiful, but I do wonder why he covers her body with so many freakin tattoos?! Anyways, my point is that years from now I don’t want my beautiful baby to covered from head to toe in tats sitting on a  shrink’s couch saying her tat obsession is because her mom allowed it at such a young age! LOL

So today it’s lip gloss and tats, what it will be tomorrow? Push up bras? Actually, she has paraded around the house a few times in my bra so scratch that thought! Uh oh, there’s a Mini Minnie Mama on the loose. Pray for me during her teenage years!   🙂


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