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Advance Dinner Preparation?

Posted on: October 20, 2009

Do any of you out there cook X amount of dinners in advance to pop in the oven during the week? I keep reading info on all these sites about cooking a whole month’s worth of meals in just one day. Man, they are overwhelming!

Last night I decided to tackle cooking 3 dinners at once and oh boy, it didn’t go as planned! LOL I did manage to make our current dinner (steak tips) and tonight’s dinner (shepherd’s pie), but there was no way I could physically make the beef stew at the same time. There just wasn’t enough time to make all this stuff while still eating dinner, giving Isabella a bath, cleaning the kitchen, etc.

I do love the concept of having your meals already prepared though as then you have a ton more time to do stuff during the week. Like tonight — dinner is already made so now I can just play with Isabella while it cooks in the oven!  🙂

Hhmmm, maybe tonight when I put her down to bed I will actually stay awake and then tackle some more cooking! Okay probably not, but I will try.   🙂

If any of you cook X amount of meals in advance then please share your tips with me.    🙂


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