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Safe Sizer Plate

Posted on: October 26, 2009


The safety and well being of Minnie Mama’s Mini Minnie Mama is always my top priority and concern.  I recently had the special opportunity to test out a new invention called the Safe Sizer Plate which is designed to help prevent children from choking.

When cutting up your little one’s food, do you know how big their pieces should be? Don’t feel bad because I didn’t either and always just used my best judgement. I was always paranoid she’d choke so  would make the pieces extremely small or if my hubby tried to be nice and cut up her food then I would re-cut it again before letting her eat it which truly aggravated everyone — Isabella who just wants to eat her damn dinner and my husband who just sat there for 5 minutes cutting up steak! LOL

But now thanks to this amazing little plate meal time at our house is much easier! The Safe Sizer has a molded 1/2″ inner diameter ring that you can use as a guidline when cutting up your child’s food by placing the piece right inside and if it fits then its perfect, but if not then you need to cut it a little more. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the USFDA recommend firm food be this size. Plus the plates are BPA free and exceed the new, tougher US government standards for phthlates and lead, which is great to know considering all of the crazy stuff going on in the world with children’s products!

And as an added bonus your child will also love the Safe Sizer as it comes in all sorts of fun designs and themes. Check them out today, Minnie Mama knows you’ll love them!  🙂



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