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Posted on: November 3, 2009

This was Isabella’s 2nd official Halloween and for not even being two yet, I gotta admit she did awesome with trick-or-treating!

She totally gets the whole concept of saying Trick or Treat and then holding out your bag for candy. Okay honestly, she gets mad when the candy is dropped in her bag — she’d rather pick out the shiniest wrapped candy herself and then hold onto it till we get to the next house where she’d look at me with her beautiful big eyes and say More candy Mama?  And I’d say yes so then she dropped  her candy into the bag in anticipation of another shiny wrapped piece to hold. LOL

Minnie Mouse & Minnie Mama along with Daddy and Grammie went trick-or-treating for what seemed like an eternity, but actually it was only a few hours. A few hours filled with much laughter and pounds and pounds of candy, literally! So much candy that I had to take a picture of it! LOL

Minnie Mouse’s fairy godmother and soon-to-be Uncle stopped by after trick-or-treating and they were totally floored w/ how much candy our kid scored! I’d like to believe Minnie Mouse ended up with so much candy because she was the cutest toddler our neighbors have ever seen, but I am guessing its because there was hardly any kids out this year which is odd since (a) Halloween was on a Saturday night and (b) it was soooo nice here in Boston, like in the high 60’s!  🙂

So tell me, how was your Halloween?


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