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Locked Out

Posted on: November 9, 2009

Locked out. Yup. That was us yesterday. Yesterday being the day of my sister-in-law’s wedding! Oh yeah, it was just perfect timing!

We have a rental car right now so the rental keys are big & bulky so neither my hubby or I want to put them on our regular king rings. Plus we’re sharing the rental and since there’s no way to separate the two rental keys we’re stuck sharing them. On a side note — doesn’t it seem totally stupid that a rental company would give you two keys, but then put them both on a ring that does not detach itself in any way!? I mean, what if you lose the keys? Then you’re screwed as you just lost your spare too!

Anyways, I didn’t want to bring my purse w/ me to the wedding so I left it in the house with my keys. No big deal. But then my hubby also left his keys in the house by accident as he had the rental keys in his hand so wasn’t thinking. Again no big deal. After all, we do have a spare key!

Oops, the spare key got left in the house on the kitchen table! Oh yeah, we can totally see it through the back door — that damn little key was just chillin’ on the table taunting us.  Nah, nah, nah you’re locked out! OMG it was not a fun scene, trust me!

Luckily my dad was able to come over as he has a spare key to’ our house so by the time we got home the spare key was left outside for us. Phew!

So now I need to remember to always hide 2 spare keys somewhere as you never know when you might need a spare to the spare.  Hee hee  🙂

2 Responses to "Locked Out"

OMG you broke in w/ a CC? I thought that was only possible in movies! LOL

Next time I lock myself out I am so calling you to break me in! Hee hee 🙂

Oh man! What a fiasco! I have locked my keys in my house once…but dont tell anyone, I was able to break in with a credit card! LOL…yup, i broke into my own house. And for the record, this has happened twice now.

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