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The Grocery Store

Posted on: November 10, 2009

I am a very routine person and I eat the same exact thing literally every day, I do the same things everyday, and I have the same Saturday morning routine every weekend. Yes, you may thinkI sound boring, but I prefer to think of myself as organized!  🙂

Anyways, since the wedding was this past weekend I wasn’t able to follow my typical routine and my whole schedule was all out of whack. Needless to say between all of the running around for wedding related errands and beauty appointments I never got a chance to go grocery shopping. No big deal, I thought – I will just do it Monday night after work.

So last night after work and after picking Isabella up from school we head to the local Stop & Shop which I truly hate as it’s way more expensive then Market Basket, but it was a matter of convenience and quickness so we just ran there. Anyways, can I just tell you that its official – I am now that woman in the grocery store. You know the one I mean! I am the one with the over-active child, the child who won’t sit in the carriage and refuses to be held because she wants to run wild!  Okay so maybe she wasn’t running, she was more or less playing a game of tag as I tried to catch her while desperately trying to push that gigantic carriage down the aisles. Oh yes, I was pushing one of those darn carriages with the little car attached to it because Isabella insisted on riding it…that obviously didn’t last past aisle 3! And each aisle that we passed I received that look from other shoppers.

Isabella did have her good moments though — at the deli she said thank you to the deli man when he gave her a piece of cheese. Most likely it was in the hopes that she’d stop pulling the deli numbers out of the machine, but c’mon it was keeping her busy and it’s not like she was squishing the rolls anymore, right?!  🙂 But then I look down and for every bite of cheese she’s eating, she’s giggling as she drops one on the floor. Like seriously?! We don’t allow her to do this at home so why the heck is she doing this here?! Ugh! I make Isabella help me clean up the cheese as of course I am not going to leave it there and as we’re all done I glance over to see this older woman giving me that look! Again, like seriously lady?! What the heck do you suppose I do?!

So then I navigate my way through the rest of the store while trying  my best to push this monster of a carriage and carry my squirming daughter and put groceries in the carriage at the same time, but honestly it was freakin impossible!

After deciding that Isabella can get down if she holds my hand (which thank god she did!) we continue on and once again that little monster takes over my precious little girl and she starts pulling things off the shelfs and trying to put them in my cart because of course we need dog food for the dog that we don’t have!

Okay now I’ve had enough and our ‘quick’ trip has turned into a freakin’ disaster so I convince her to get into the car part of the carriage and after much begging and pleading (yes, I realize I am the parent, but c’mon I know you’ve all be in these desperate situations before!) she gets in and life is good again. Almost. My little smartie figures out a way to wiggle out of the fastened seat belt and bam she climbs out of the car and onto the floor. I heard a thump and was convinced she was hurt, but oh no my little toughie is off and running again! Running. Around the corner. Out of my site! Luckily I am Super Minnie Mama in disguise and I dart after her like a marathon runner desperate to win the race. Okay so I am totally exaggerating, I limp after her (long story), but I did catch her in a matter of seconds and this time she was not getting down again!

Now to get on with my story so not to bore you any longer…we get to the check out and of course I have to pick the one closest to the toy aisle! Honestly, does a grocery store need to have an actual toy aisle?! I mean, it’s supposed to sell groceries, not toys. Otherwise it would be a toy store, right?! Ugh! And so the little runaway makes a break for that aisle where she sees the barbies, the elmos, the giant Mickey Mouse, the Doras, and every other darn toy. I leave my groceries in the cart and on the belt and chase after her and pick her up despite the screaming and begging for a new toy. Yes, buying that dolly may have ended the screaming, but there was no way that she was gonna be rewarded for this behavior!

And so I proceed to attempt to unload my groceries which again is freakin’ impossible with a screaming kid in your arms and a giagantic cart that you can’t get in front of! Now while I am struggling to do this there is a young H.S. kid ringing up my groceries giving me that look like c’mon lady and I can just imagine what he was thinking. There is another young kid waiting for the groceries to bag who kept saying I need your cart down here. And a 3rd kid who was standing in front of my cart waiting to get to his station that I was blocking cuz I was trying to unload the groceries. And all three of them are giving me that look. But yet not one of them can help me unload the groceries so we can be done with this awful ordeal?! Oh no, they would rather stand there and give me that look.

And then to top it all off, the bill came to $60.00 which really isn’t that bad except that I bought hardly anything! That store is just sooo expensive. Stuff literally costs twice as much as what I pay at my regular store which is totally nuts!

So I leave the store with my screaming child and we head out to the parking lot where I battle with her to get into the car seat. Once the car starts and her Disney music comes on its like a miracle — the monster is gone and Ariel is singing in my back seat with a big smile on her face. Now that look is one that I enjoy getting!  🙂


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