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Catching Up

Posted on: November 23, 2009

Okay so the previous two posts were actually ‘drafts’ that I composed last week (11/12) and thought I posted, but apparently I didn’t. Yes, I am just that tech savvy! Ha ha.

Anyways, we’ve been away for the past 10 days on a Caribbean cruise so I haven’t been able to blog which was honestly kinda nerve wracking as I kept thinking of things that I wanted to tell all of you, but now will most likely forget 1/2 of them!

I did attempt to blog once while on the ship, but after spending $25.00 on internet fees just by checking my email for 30 seconds I decided to just wait till I was back in the U.S.  Seriously, the ship’s internet connection was sooo slow which I think they do on purpose since they charge by the minute! I planned to use the free Wi-Fi on on the islands, but never got a chance. Oh well.

So now the next few posts will be catch-ups so I can tell you about our vacation and all of the little things I’ve been meaning to share with you!  🙂


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