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Four AM

Posted on: November 23, 2009

4am. Yup, that’s the time I went to bed last night / this morning. I am such an OCD planner that I made myself literally stay up all night just so I could make sure that I packed everything we might need and even more stuff that I know deep down inside that we won’t need, but you never know right?!

Anyways, I stayed up until 4am and I got done lots done — packing, cleaning, laundry, waxing, etc. Yup, I got lots done except for sleep! Oh and then the lovely alarm clock continuously beeped at me just two hours later, ugh!

We raced to the airport and had a very turbulent flight that actually worked out awesome as Isabella fell asleep and the rocking kept her asleep till we landed. So that was almost a 3 hour flight! Yup, 3 potential hours for me to catch up on my sleep. But oh no! I am a fool and stayed awake the whole time watching silly TV shows on the plane.

So now its 11pm and I am sitting here typing in my beautiful Miami hotel room and I should be sleeping, but once again I am wide awake. Could this be insomnia? Maybe I am just so over-tired that I am not tired? Well, I will try to go to bed, but we will see…


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