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The Airport – Part 1

Posted on: November 24, 2009

I am guessing that no one particularly looks forward to dealing with the long lines and hassle of an airport, but when you have kids that dread completely multiplies!

My best friend in the world was so kind to drop us off at the airport which definitely made our airport experience so much easier, but thanks to the impatient cop and his whistle she was forced to drop us off quickly and leave us there with two giant suitcases, a carriage safely tucked in a travel bag AKA a huge monstrosity of a bag, 2 carry on bags, a diaper bag, and a rambunctious toddler with a runny nose! Ugh, this was not going to be a fun experience…I just knew it!

We checked our bags at the curbside check-in which did free up our arms and was great, but then we realized we had at least 1 1/2 hours till our flight boarded which can seem like an eternity with a runny nosed toddler who just wants to ‘run, run’ as she puts it.

After convincing Isabella that running wasn’t really an option at the airport we ended up walking around the airport which killed some time and we played games with Isabella which also helped so before we knew it, our plane was being boarded and taking off. And then in just a matter of minutes, my little one was sound asleep. Ugh, now if only that screaming little brat in front of us would shut up and go to sleep — I know that sounds harsh, but honestly I don’t have to be patient with other people’s kids, just my own!  🙂

Okay so now that I am typing all of this, I realize our airport trip to Miami wasn’t so bad after all. But just wait till you read about our trip home from Miami…that was BAD! lol


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