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Saint Thomas

Posted on: November 30, 2009

During our cruise we visited the island of Saint Thomas which is truly beautiful! This was our 2nd time visiting this island and it was honestly as beautiful as I remembered.

We spent a good portion of the morning walking around downtown and visiting the shops including lots of jewelery shops as the Carribean is known for their amazing jewels and unbeatable prices. Last time we visited this island I was literally in my late teens so obviously had no money for jewelery, but I liked to look and found the most amazing platinum band with white and pink diamonds, which are very hard to find! This ring was so gorgeous that words can’t even begin to describe how it looked, but I will tell you that it was amazing and since then I have been trying too find something similar to it with no luck. My awesome hubby knows how much I want this ring so he insisted that we buy it if we saw it again, but unfortunately Minnie Mama is very picky and while she saw many pretty rings didn’t see this one. Oh well…maybe someday!

So after lots of shopping and walking around town we decided to go on a tour of the island just as we had the last time. But this time our tour was way better than before — we had the Mini Minnie Mama with us and we had our own private tour as no other tourists were interested,score for us! Our tour guide was awesome and proudly shared with us his 10 minutes of fame as he was in ‘Weekend at Bernies’ and kept telling us to read the credits when we go back to the states as his name was in it — if only I could remember his name! David, something? lol

The hot sun and the ocean air totally exhausted Isabella and she slept through the majority of the tour which was probably a good thing as it last almost two hours!

One thing to note about taking an island tour anywhere really as I have found this on other trips — these taxi drivers drive like nuts! I mean, people say Boston drivers are crazy, but seriously we are perfect compared to these drivers! Our driver was speeding like a crazy person as he went up a huge twisty mountain and trucks were coming towards us just as fast! It was like a roller coaster ride, but without the assurance that you’d get off safely in one piece.

Anyways, it was an awesome day on the island and I hope to go back there again soon. Oooh, maybe someday we’ll be rich and we can retire here!


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