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Naked Nuggets

Posted on: December 3, 2009

I must start this post off by saying that I absolutely hate fast food restaurants!! I mean, seriously no offense to these companies but you are just serving deep fried fat! Yes, I know they now serve healthier options such as salads and yogurt, but let’s be realistic — they are only doing this to try to lure in more customers and make more $$!

Now with that said, I must tell you about the day that I almost died of a heart attack! No, I didn’t eat at a fast food restaurant and experience the slow painful death of my arteries clogging with fat. I picked my then 1-year-old daughter up at daycare and learned that her teacher gave her chicken nuggets from a fast food restaurant across the street. Seriously?! She did what?! OMG! Yes, I know many of you are probably thinking that it’s no big deal and in retrospect it really wasn’t — my baby was happy and in 1 piece so bottom line is thats all that really matters — but my point is why would you do this?! I mean, I sent in a perfectly delicious and healthy lunch for Isabella to eat so why pollute her body with this garbage?!

Anyways, my worst fear came true — Isabella tasted these little nuggets that she could easily hold in her hands and she LOVED them. She barely even spoke more than a few words at this age, but she could say chicken and let her poor distressed Mommy know that she wanted more (she does sign language) Ugh!

And so I began my quest for a healthier version of those fast food fried fat that they call chicken nuggets. At first I tried baking chicken and cutting it up into little pieces for to hold, but let’s be totally honest here — that gets old after a while and I am too busy to sit there all night long molding chicken! LOL

Next I decided to purchase chicken nuggets at the supermarket because after all how bad could those be right? Aaah, I was wrong and while they are somewhat healthier they are still fattening and filled with lots of unknown / unpronounceable ingredients.  Luckily, I did find a baked chicken nugget version that was a great alternative and seemed to be the best option out there as Isabella didn’t know the difference and she loved them!

However, I recently came in contact with an awesome company called, Naked Nuggets, and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited this makes me! Naked Nuggets was so kind and they sent me complimentary Naked Nuggets to test out and OMG they are exactly what I have been searching for the past year!

These delicious little nuggets of chicken come frozen so you keep them in the freezer which is perfect as then they don’t go bad like the supermarket ones. And since Naked Nuggets come FULLY COOKED, you just need to re-heat them.  It was suggested to me that the best way is to warm them in a skillet with a little olive oil or canola oil for about 2 minutes per side and I couldn’t agree more — they are delicious this way!

 “The Planets First Grilled Chicken Nuggets”  are made starting with 100% antibiotic free hand trimmed chicken breast, they chop it, season it, and grill it.  That’s it!  Gone were the breading, the frying, and the fillers.   They have half the calories, 1/6 the fat, and twice the protein of a traditional breaded nugget!  

 Isabella absolutely LOVES Naked Nuggets and I must admit that I am even hooked on them! They go great in salads, soups, pasta (especially Mac & Cheese), wraps, even on top of pizza! And since they’re so easy to re-heat they make an awesome quick & healthy meal on a busy night.

I really can’t say enough good things about my delicious new find and I just know that you’ll love them too! So please click here to find out where you can buy your own Naked Nuggets!


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