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Review of 4Moms Cleanwater Infant Tub with Digital Thermometer

Posted on: December 10, 2009

Do you moms and dads stress out when it’s time to give your little one a bath? Or maybe your little one cries as soon as he/she sees that dreaded tub? In our household, I think Isabella and I both cried together — bath time was just not a fun experience for anyone involved!

As soon as I found out I was pregnant I set out on a mission to research all of “the best” baby products out there. And I truly thought I found the best tub as it claimed to be functional and was definitely priced reasonably. However, this ‘lovely’ tub didn’t fit into our kitchen sink the way it claimed too so I either ended up bathing her in the infant tub in top of the kitchen table which left the whole kitchen completely drenched with water or I’d put the tub inside my bathtub which left me with an incredibly stiff back from constantly hunching over.

And can I be completely honest here and tell you the worst thing about her old infant tub? We all know how babies can get after their meals or with a very explosive diaper (you know the ones — up the back, down the legs — fun stuff!) so just the fact that my poor little girl would be sitting in a tub full of those messes while I was trying to clean her up made no sense to me. And so I’d try to rinse her off in the sink with the shower hose which again made her, me, and the kitchen soaked. Not to mention how slippery little babies are and I was always so scared of dropping her! Or sometimes I would let all of the water out and then re-fill the tub while she was sitting in it, but then the poor baby was left sitting in an empty tub and freezing her little bum off while waiting for Mommy to fill it back up. And then while I was trying to fill it up, I’d always be worrying if her water was too hot or too cold. I think 9 times out of 10 I’d end up putting the poor baby in water that was too cold as I was so paranoid about burning her!

Although, I can’t rewind the clock and go back to those infant bathing days I am very excited to share with you details about a tub that YOU can purchase to ensure your bath time is nothing like ours was. As you all know I am a 4Moms Insider and one of the many amazing benefits of this partnership with 4Moms is that I was given the opportunity to review their 4Moms Cleanwater Infant Tub w/ built-in thermometer — seriously, how cool does just the name alone sound?!  🙂

Okay so I know what you’re all thinking — there is no way that Isabella can actually fit into that tub and you’re right, she’ can’t! But I take care of my niece several nights a week as my sister works the late shift so to help her out I give Baby Niece a bath and get her ready for bed.

Anyways, I have been using this tub for over a month now and I can’t even begin to tell you just how amazing it really is! 

The name of the tub alone had me very curious about this product as I wondered how this “cleanwater” tub kept clean water in and dirty water out. However, the concept is really simple and truly brilliant. The continuous flow of clean water circulates around the tub and forces the dirty water out through a hole in the side of the tub. Now you may be sitting there thinking to yourself yeah right, I bet that doesn’t work! but Minnie Mama promises you, it really does work and it’s amazing!

And this innovative tub also has a built-in digital thermometer that’s wicked easy to use so baby always has the perfect temp. It’s water-resistant backlit display is color coded to indicate when the water is cold blue, warm green, or hot red. I no longer have to guess if it’s the right temp!

Another one of my favorite features of this tub is that it’s contoured bottom truly does fit perfect in my kitchen sink! And it also comes with a rinse tub that fits perfectly into the side of the tub so no more scrambling to find something to rinse baby off with — just store your cup in the designated holder and it’s always there when you need it!

So now that I’ve told you about all of the amazing features of this awesome invention, let me tell you this — my Baby Niece absolutely HATES baths at her house, but when she gets a bath at Auntie’s house she’s all smiles and giggles! And no it’s not just because I am Auntie as she’s happy when her Mommy does it too — she just loves this tub! She fits comfortably in it, she always has the perfect temp, and I think my little princess niece also knows she’s sitting in clean water!  🙂

Now that you’ve reading Minnie Mama’s review on this extraordinary product run, run, run (seriously, I would run — it’s the holidays and things sell out quickly!) to the nearest baby store and purchase this product. I promise you will love it!

**This review is based strictly on my personal opinion. I know others may have a different opinion or experience with the product listed above, but I truly did love it. As mentioned before 4Moms provided me with this complimentary product and I provided an honest review. No other type compensation was received for this review.


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