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Cookies & Milk

Posted on: December 15, 2009

Again, this post is long overdue, but I’ve been so busy with the holidays so please excuse me!  🙂

Saturday night (2 weekends ago), we were decorating the Christmas tree and hanging Christmas decorations throughout the house. It was just a lazy perfect night for the family at home — no company, no TV (okay so maybe the hubby had the TV on, but I was trying to create the perfect mood here — just go w/ it!), it was just the three of us.

And then Isabella looks out the window and tells us that it’s raining. But she was so excited to see the “rain” that we knew it must be something more special than rain. And it was. It was snow! Beautiful, pure, fluffy, snowflakes coming down and covering the whole neighborhood in a wintery wonderland and glistening in the street lights. There is just something so special and breathtaking about the winter’s first snowfall. The snowfall reminded me of a scene from an old Christmas movie. It was perfect.

I decided that this special moment called for a celebration so Isabella and I whipped up a delicious batch of hot chocolate chip cookies. Okay so maybe we didn’t exactly “whip up a batch”, but we did open the package of cookies and put them in the oven so that’s gotta count for something, right?!

Anyways, back to my story — I poured us all glasses of milk (sippy cup for Isabella) and we were ready to indulge in these delicious cookies. Isabella looks me dead in the eyes and says ‘dip it, Mama’. Dip what? Dip the cookie? I was so confused as this was her 1st encounter with cookies & milk, together. And cookies & milk on the couch too, this was a disaster waiting to happen. But no she proved me wrong — she did awesome! I watched with pure amazement as she gently dipped her cookie inside my glass of milk and then lifted it out and took a big bite. The hubby & I don’t dip our cookies so we really had no clue where she learned this from. Maybe it’s just instinct as her mommy is a sweets addict so the sugar is just naturally in her veins? Maybe it was a cute coincidence as she dips other things? Or maybe she will be the next famous cookie chef? Anyways, she continued to do this over and over again until her soggy cookie broke apart into a million pieces and fell inside my milk. And then she tried to stick her little hand inside my milk to get the rest of her cookie, but of course that wasn’t happening so instead we got a new cookie and continued playing this fun new game!  🙂


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