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The Holiday Rush

Posted on: December 15, 2009

The holidays are here. They come every year at the same time and every year I tell myself that I will get all of my shopping done early to avoid the dreaded holiday rush. And yet here I am sitting and wondering what the heck I can buy for my best friend and my hubby. I mean what do you get for two of the people who mean the most to you, but who have everything?! And I am working on limited funds this year so that doesn’t help this situation.

I got Isabella’s shopping all done weeks and weeks ago — baby dolls, Disney princess, Mickey Mouse Club and she’s happy. And the rest of the people on my list are easy too – pictures of Isabella, wine, candles, etc. — all easy stuff! 

But it’s the hubby and the best friend who cause me to have ulcers of stress. I want to get them the perfect present, but I have no creative (AKA affordable) ideas. Ugh!

So if anyone out there has any ideas then please let me know — my mind is mush and time is ticking, there’s only 1 more shopping weekend left till Christmas. Help me!

And next year, Minnie Mama will not be so unprepared. Okay so maybe I will be typing this same post again next year, but please let’s pretend that I won’t.   🙂


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