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Her name is Isabella

Posted on: December 18, 2009

From the moment we decided to name our child, everyone has taken it upon themselves to change her name — Bella, Bells, Izzy, etc. Not once has anyone stopped to ask her parents (particularly the PO’d mommy) if she likes these names. No, they just decide to change my daughter’s name and it makes me absolutely NUTS!! My child’s name is ISABELLA and nothing else…I named her, not them. If you like other names then please by all means go ahead and get pregnant, have a daughter and name her whatever you wish. Call her Spaghetti Squash for all I care. I won’t change her name on you, I promise. I might laugh, but I will call her Spaghetti Squash too.

And so for the past two years I have been battling it out with everyone from family to daycare teachers to complete strangers who ask her name and then after hearing me clearly say Isabella they go ahead and say how cute Bella is. Seriously?! Are you freakin’ deaf or just rude?!

And then it happened. It was a glorious moment. A moment that will definitely be written in her baby book, it was almost as important as her 1st step! Isabella’s daddy started playfully calling her a nick-name and she looked him dead in the eyes and with such defiance and determination said No Daddy, MY name is ISABELLA! And then after going back & forth with this silly nick-name she kept insisting, getting madder & madder. I can’t lie — I absolutely loved every second of it.

And so I cannot wait until our holiday get togethers w/ the family (primarily the in-laws) when Isabella shows her newfound voice and announces to them that she is NOT Bella, her name is Isabella! Yes, I will be gloating and yes I may even bring the camcorder for this one. Aaahh, she’s definitely her Mama’s girl!  🙂


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