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The Crock Pot

Posted on: December 23, 2009

One of my resolutions for 2010 is to find little ways to make my life easier and less hectic, particulary the evenings after work when I am scrambling around the house like a crazy woman to get everything done.

And so after reading lots of other mom blogs and cooking blogs I decided that a crock pot was the answer to end my chaos. My awesome hubby happily agreed with me and bought me a crock pot which he gave to me as an early Christmas present, yay!

The 1st day w/ my crock pot I made BBQ pulled pork which came out wicked yummy, but was slightly burnt around the edges of the dish — I guess I cooked it a little too long while out doing errands?

The 2nd day I mad a pot roast which again was pretty decent, but a little on the dry side. Again, I must’ve cooked it too long?

The 3rd day I made this awesome recipe from a WW cookbook that had pineapple and chicken in it. It was low in points and wicked easy to make. After coming home from a long day at work, I was really looking forward to indulging in my delicious new dish! But this time something went terribly wrong! Saying my chicken was dry would be an understatement. And the pineapples were literally black all the way through. I tried to pass the dinner off as a cajun pineapple dish, but the hubby wasn’t buying it and poor Isabella kept holding her little nose every time I opened the cover to the crock pot!

Maybe I cooked the chicken too long again? Or maybe I am just not destined to be a crock pot cooking Mama? Either way, we ended up ordering pizza at Isabella’s recommendation Mama call pizza man! And from now on I will only try new crock pot recipes on the weekends to save myself the stress & aggravation. LOL


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