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We are Blessed

Posted on: December 26, 2009

Its Christmas morning, early morning. About 2am. I am just sitting here enjoying the total silence of our house, listening to the cats purr, the hubby snore, and my fingers typing. Aah, there’s something so serene about a silent house and a silent night. Especially a Christmas night.

I just finished playing Santa and setting up all of Isabella’s toys, wrapping all of the hubby’s presents, and frosting our chocolate peppermint cake that I can’t wait to try.

I am sitting in my comfy living room chair and admiring our beautiful Christmas tree. The lights on the tree are so magical and pretty. And all of the presents under the tree are all perfectly wrapped and positioned just so. I am staring at all of the presents and it hits me, just how lucky we are to have all of these presents. I mean, seriously there is a ridiculas amount of presents under the tree. There are soooo many presents, more than any one really needs especially a 2yr old who will probably be more excited with just her new Goofy doll than anything else we bought her.

There are so many people out there who are struggling to buy their children presents this year. Or even some people who can’t buy any presents for their children. My heart aches for those parents as I can’t imagine not being able to put a present under the tree for your little one on Christmas. How do you explain to a child that Santa Claus can’t come this year? How does a child understand that? Its so unfair for everyone, but especially the little child who still believes in the magic of Santa.

We donated presents to a local charity for children, but even now I still don’t feel like I did enough. I feel like I should pack up 1/2 of these presents and donate them to a local shelter. I don’t even know where I would take the presents as its the middle of the night and how would I even explain this idea to my husband? Would he understand or would he be angry? Despite the mountain of presents, we too are honestly struggling and worked so hard to make sure our daughter has a good Christmas. We both work FT and the hubby works 2 jobs plus side jobs when possible so its not like we’re rolling in cash by any means. But despite all of this, I still feel guilty. Guilty that there’s little children out there who won’t wake up Christmas morning to all of these presents or presents at all. Guilty that I am sitting here thinking where the heck will all of these toys go in our little house when there’s children out there with no toys and no house.

On this Christmas day I just want to say how blessed I am. I have a wonderful life. I have a loving husband, a beautiful little girl, a home, and good health. Its nice to be able to provide our daughter with all of these toys, but at the end of the day all that matters is that we have each other. We are very blessed and I am very grateful.


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