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White Christmas

Posted on: December 26, 2009

It’s just after midnight on Christmas night and I am curled up in my living room chair basking inthe glow of our beautiful Christmas tree and looking out the window at the perfect white snowflakes falling, each one getting bigger and bigger with every moment. A white Christmas. What could be more perfect than that?!

I’d love to sit here and tell you about how this was the perfect holiday just like in the movies, but let’s be honest – nothing is ever perfect and nothing ever goes as planned. That’s just life.

I cooked all day long to make the perfect holiday dinner for my family &  in-laws, but of course they all showed up late and my usually delicious mashed potatoes tasted like glue. Everyone said the potatoes tasted fine, but honestly I knew they tasted like glue — they were disgusting! Oh well.

There was a bit of the usual family drama that we don’t need to get into, but I just bit my tongue a couple times and other times when it didn’t involve me I tried to smile and stay neutral. Ugh.

My adorably hubby was so generous and got me way too many presents. And yes, I will end up returning a bunch of them which I know will start a fight, but honestly while I realize he was trying to be sweet — we just can’t afford such lavish gifts.  There’s bills to pay, a house to heat, and mouths to feed.

We never got the family picture of just the three of us that I was hoping for. I wanted a nice one of us in front of the tree before I take it all apart.

My hubby and I never got a chance to watch a movie together and cuddle. We’ve been trying to watch a movie for weeks now.

But all of that is just silly little stuff. At the end of the day it truly doesn’t matter if the food wasn’t cooked to perfection or things didn’t go exactly as planned. All that matters is that we were all together and we’re a family. We are very blessed to have each other and most of all to have our special little girl — she is what Christmas is all about and her smile & laughter made the day perfect. It may not have been the perfect holiday according to my plans, but in the end it was perfect just as it was and the falling snow was the best final touch.

Merry Christmas from our family to yours!  🙂


2 Responses to "White Christmas"

Family drama is what Christmas is all about. You’re much better than I am, you manage to bite your tongue.

It was definitely very hard to bite my tongue — I think it may have been bleeding a bit. LOL 🙂

Its nice to hear that we’re not the only ones w/ holiday family drama.

Hope you’re holidays were as relaxing as possible w/ the family! 🙂

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