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My 2010 New Year’s Resolutions

Posted on: January 7, 2010

A new year, a new fresh start. There’s just something so nice about the idea of a new year and starting over fresh. It’s like a way to wipe the slate clean and start over, erase all of your past mistakes, and just do it right this time.

But let’s be realistic for a moment now – how many of us actually follow through with our resolutions? Truthfully, do you really? And what makes the New Year so special that we have to save our resolutions till 1/1? I mean, now all of a sudden because its January 1st that means it’s the right time to start over and carry out whatever you’ve failed at all year? I mean, why can’t we just start fresh on a random Saturday morning or maybe even in July?!

Please excuse the sarcasm from Minnie Mama as I am not trying to be mean or sound like a Scrooge. I am just pondering this whole New Year’s Resolution business and thinking aloud.

I mean, I too am a victim of the New Year’s Resolution goals and it’s not necessarily a bad thing to fall prey to. Eight years ago Minnie Mama’s New Year’s Resolution was to lose weight and now here I am today 80lbs skinnier and proud to say that I am a WW Lifetime member. Yes, it was a hard road to follow and a trying journey, but I did it and it all started thanks to a silly New Year’s Resolution! LOL

And so I sit here today wondering if I will ever carry out a New Year’s Resolution as great as the one that I did for the start of the new century. Maybe it was just a fluke as it was Y2K. But then again this is the start of a brand new decade so maybe I will set another exciting resolution? Who know’s!

Minnie Mama does know that she’d like to set the following goals in her life not as New Year’s Resolutions as that creates too much pressure, but just as life goals:

1.) Get back in shape and lose 15lbs

2.) Work on my blog  and hopefully find a graphic designer who can make this blog prettier and personalized. I’ve tried, but honestly I am not technically inclined AKA I somehow erased posts! LOL

3.) Work on getting out of debt and saving my family money through couponing & any other little ways to earn $$ on the side. And before you ask, I am only looking for legal legit ways to earn $$ — I am not interested in ideas involving stealing or nudity! Ha ha.


2 Responses to "My 2010 New Year’s Resolutions"

Sugar and carbs are my weaknesses too! I am alright w/o alcohol, but I love sweets. LOL

Thank you so much for this design site — I really appreciate it. And I am def gonna check it out! 🙂

I hear ya on the getting back in shape. I’m slowwwwwwly working on that this month. Cutting out alcohol and extra sugar/carbs…my weakness!

Hey Nap Warden has a design blog website…you might want to check her out!


There are a ton of designers out there!

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