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Exercise and Blogging

Posted on: January 8, 2010

Exercise and blogging. What the heck do they have in common you ask yourself? Well, I am here to tell you — they are both things that I’ve added to my New Year’s resolution list and as of this moment have been slacking on!

Once I get into the swing of working out and moving my lazy butt then I really do feel awesome and ask myself why I’ve been procrastinating on it for so long. And same thing w/ the blogging — once I am typing my fingers don’t stop as I babble and babble, just as I am about to do now.

Both exercising and blogging are my hidden passions that I truly love to do and become addicted to. However, until I get into the routine of doing these activities on a daily basis I procrastinate and find 10001 reasons why I don’t have the time to do them.

Excuse #1 – I am too busy…yes, this true but at the same time I found the time to watch mindless pre-recorded Soap opera shows (I LOVE my GH) at 11pm last night when I could’ve been blogging.

Excuse #2 – I am too tired. Again, this is true and yet if I actually went to bed at night instead of following excuse #1 then maybe I could get up in the morning and work out!

Excuse #3 – Isabella will wake up in the morning and freak out if Mommy’s not there. Again, this one is true BUT her Daddy is more than capable to get up and keep her happy. Okay so maybe neither of them will be that happy with this result, but they will both have to deal w/ it — Minnie Mama needs to get back in shape! A happy mommy = a happy family!

Okay so those are my top 3 excuses and now that I typed them all down I realize how silly they sound. I am determined to get back on track w/ everything this New Year!  🙂


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