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FREE $25.00 Disney Gift Card

Posted on: January 20, 2010

As many of you already know Minnie Mama is absolutely in love with Walt Disney World and has literally been to the parks over 100 times as we literally visit WDW at least 2x per a year. You may call it an obsession, but I prefer to think of it as my home away from home.

Now reading that I’ve visited the parks over 100 times probably leads you to the assumption that we are wealthy which trust me we definitely not. We are just a regular hard-working middle-class family trying to make ends meet just like you — my hubby works 2 FT jobs and I work FT outside of the home, plus we have a little Mini Minnie Mama who’s daycare bill costs as much as our mortgage. Ouch!

We lead really hectic lives and don’t always get a chance to connect as a family as often as we’d like. However, we do realize how important it is to take family vacations so we literally visit WDW at least 2x per a year as it’s the “happiest place on Earth”! And when we visit our happy place, we don’t have to stay in the budget hotels such as Pop Century or even at a hotel off of Disney property. No, we don’t. We literally stay at the BEST resorts that Disney has to offer. This past trip we stayed at the phenomenal Animal Kingdom Villas which was gorgeous and so high-end. I mean, seriously I wish I could’ve just moved in to this place! We had a one bedroom Villa which featured all stainless steel appliances, marble floors, jacuzzi tub, balcony, etc — it was AMAZING!!!! Now for the average family this would have easily cost $500.00+ per a night, but for us it was sooooo much less and we didn’t have to fork over a single dollar towards this stay.

Okay so now you may be wondering how with all of our bills and typical expenses we’re able to afford such an extravagant property. Well, I will tell you that its Disney’s Best Kept Secret! We are members of the Disney Vacation Club! Yes, yes, it’s technically a time share so I know what you’re thinking, but trust me its soooo different and sooo flexible. We can go there anytime of the year that we want and stay at any of the properties — it really gives us opportunities that we never would have been able to take advantage of otherwise. And did I tell you that we have this for the next 50 something years? Yup, even our grandchildren will be able to visit Disney thanks to us! And c’mon, people we know Disney is not going anywhere so this is definitely a good investment!

Alright, now enough with the praise about the Disney Vacation Club because I am truly not trying to sell any of my readers this time share or anything else for that matter, I really just intended to tell you about an awesome promotion to give you a $25.00 GC for FREE and let’s be honest — I will get one too. LOL 🙂

Okay so now the DVC is offering a special promo that I can extend to all of my friends and family. Just by contacting DVC and letting them know you’re calling as my friend and listening to their short spiel about the DVC then you will receive a FREE $25.00 GC. You will not have to give them any of your personal information with the exception of where to send your GC and I promise it will only take a few minutes and they will not call you ever. I already had my mom call so I KNOW it only takes a couple minutes and then they will immediately send us both out GC’s. You win, I win.  🙂

If you’re interested in this special promotion then please feel free to email me directly at minniemama@ymail.com for the details.

We’re planning an upcoming trip to WDW this Spring so we could honestly use the help — Isabella’s at the age where she ‘needs’ everything and since she’s inherited my Disney obsession I know we’ll be buying lots of souvenirs!


4 Responses to "FREE $25.00 Disney Gift Card"

Not sure if this deal is still going on, but I’m emailing you!

Hi! I’m sorry, but it’s already expired. However, I did hear there may be another one coming up so keep checking back as I will be posting the details as soon as I know. Thanks! 🙂

Is this gift card only good for a Disney vacation, or can it be used in the Disney store?

Hi Deidre,

The Disney GC can be used at the Disney store or anywhere in Disney World, Disney Land, etc — pretty much anywhere Disney related. 🙂

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or would like the info to call for it.

Thank you!

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