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The Surgery

Posted on: February 5, 2010

Since becoming a mom I’ve learned to become a jack of all trades. I can talk like Goofy, sing made up songs on a whim, kiss the boo boos away, find a missing toy in a matter of seconds, make magical airplane macaroni, etc. But I never expected to be faced with performing a crucial surgery. A surgery that was literally a matter of life or death!

That surgery was performed the other night on our dear beloved friend, Goofy! Goofy, the little doll that we need to take everywhere with us. The Goofy that we definitely need to hold to fall asleep with. This doll is truly our BFF and his well-being is a matter of life or death for not only Mini Minnie Mama, but also Minnie Mama’s sanity as the crying would never stop without him.

And so when Minnie Mama heard this:

Uh oh Mama! Goofy’s ear came off! Mama fix, please!! 

I knew we were faced with a serious crisis. It was a Wednesday night just before bedtime and we would definitely not be seeing Grammie for at least 4 more nights. Grammie is the one who always sews our buttons, hems our pants, fixes everything for us. Ooooh, if only Minnie Mama actually paid more attention to Grammie’s sewing lessons!

But then Minnie Mama remembered that Grammie actually left a little sewing kit at the house for emergencies despite Minnie Mama’s persistence for her to take it as she hates clutter and wouldn’t ever use it. I mean, why try to sew when Grammie can just fix it for us, right?! Wrong! We couldn’t possibly wait for Grammie to fix Goofy and since Grammie lives over 1 hour away the option to get in our car at 9pm and driver over there was out of the question. Although, I cannot lie — the thought did cross my mind!

And so with much determination, Dr. Minnie Mama performed the life saving surgery of sewing Goofy’s ear back on with a bare needle and black thread. Nurse Mini Minnie Mama anxiously stood in the surgery room watching her beloved companion laying there helplessly on the operating table as Dr. Minnie Mama worked for what seemed like an eternity to save the patient. After several breath holding moments filled with sheer suspense and fear, Goofy’s ear was successfully re-attached. Okay so maybe his ear didn’t look perfect, but it was attached to his head and that’s all that matters to a toddler.


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