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Review of Ladybugs ‘N Butterflies

Posted on: February 9, 2010

I am always searching for fun & cute accessories to put in my mini Minnie Mama’s hair so when the founders of Ladybugs ‘N Butterflies contacted me to do a review on their hair products I of course said yes.

Laybugs ‘N Butterflies is a fabulous company that has created boutique children’s hair accessories since 2004. And for me, one of their selling points is that all of their pieces are made by hand in the USA, but they are so popular that their hair accessories are sold worldwide! And they offer a four different types of hair clips so no matter how much or how little hair your princess has she’s sure to find the perfect hair bow — they even make headbands if you have a beautiful bald-headed baby!

I received the Gabriella Grace  which is a very pretty sparkly flower clip which is available in five different styles so there’s one for almost every little girl’s hair type. This bow is seriously so pretty and will be perfect for Isabella to wear in the summer as it’s a beautiful accent to a sun dress. Or maybe we will wear it with her Easter dress!

I also received the Felicity clip  which is s a 3 1/4″ x 2″ bow with an attached decor available on an alligator pinch clip, French Barrett, or big girl pony O. I received the French Barrett which works great as I like to put Isabella’s hair in the 1/2 up 1/2 down. I always keep my reviews 110% honest even if it doesn’t necessarily compliment the vendor (sorry, but I do!) so I must tell you that I was told I could pick out any bows to review so asked for the Felicity bow with the kitty cat as Isabella loves her kitties, but when I received my package there was actually two totally different bows than I had requested. While I was honestly a little disappointed not to have received the kitty cat bow I did receive a pink cupcake bow instead which actually worked out perfect as Isabella has a cupcake outfit so this is the icing on the cake or in this case the icing on the cupcake!  But if you’re little sweetie isn’t too keen on having a cupcake on her head then fear not — there’s plenty of other decorations to choose such as a poodle, kitty cat, ballerina, etc.

Isabella has been wearing these bows for about a month now with the cupcake bow being worn at least twice a week as it’s my new favorite and they’re holding up excellent! There’s a lot of wear & tear to bows in our house as my active toddler enjoys doing her own hair along with her dolls hair, mama’s hair, her friends’ hair, the cats’ hair – you get the idea – the bows are constantly being ripped out of her head and then ‘clipped’ on her next victim. But these bows still look beautiful and are in great condition! 

Thank you Ladybugs ‘N Butterflies for the special opportunity to review your hair bows! And Minnie Mama readers if you’re looking for a special bow for your little girl check out their site — there’s literally hair accessories for all occasions! 

I also want to give a special thank you to my friend, Jamie, from Blonde Mom Blog  and Savvy Housewife for putting this company in touch with me!  🙂  Jamie is an amazing writer so if you’re not familiar with her blogs go check them out – they’re awesome!

Important Disclosure: I was not given any monetary compensation for writing this review, but I was given two hair bows to test and review. This post is based on my experience and  honest opinion of these products.


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