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Boston’s BIG Snow Storm

Posted on: February 11, 2010

Let me start by saying I realize that no one is perfect. Especially not our meteorologists here in Boston. I am not trying to knock anyone as I definitely could never predict the weather. Hell, I can’t even predict when my period will show up 1/2 the time so how could I even begin to predict Mother Nature’s weather patterns.

But with that said, if I was a meteorologist then maybe just maybe I would be able to predict the weather. Or at the very least, come somewhat close to my own predictions. Predictions based and formed on factual information gathered from various reporting tools and other scientific mumbo jumbo that I know nothing about and won’t even sit here trying to make it sound like I do! 

But again if I was a meteorologist then I imagine I would have a little clue, hopefully.  Unless of course I was a meteorologist here in Boston. Then I’d have NO clue and tell all of my TV viewers to brace themselves for a major snow storm. A snow storm that would cause all the local schools to close the night before. A storm that would cause daycare (ahem, Mini Minnie Mama’s) to close early. A storm that would cause people to race out in herds to the nearest grocery store like crazed starving animals to grab that last jug of milk and squished loaf of bread.

Okay so let’s pause for a moment — why is it that every time there is a storm warning people run out and grab milk & bread? Is the storm really gonna be so awful that your survival depends on milk & bread? Is there nothing else in your house to eat? I totally understand running out to get cookies to bake (who doesn’t like cookies when trapped inside?!) or even food for your pet cuz what else can they eat?! But milk & bread?! It just baffles my mind!

Alright now back to my original babbling. The snow storm. We didn’t get it. It totally passed right by us and all we got was a dusting of a few inches. What a waste of time and energy on everyone’s parts. Thank you Boston meteorologists who put everyone in panick mode thinking we’d be buried under piles of snow. But at least on the plus side, everyone is well stocked up on milk & bread this week!  🙂


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