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Rainbow Brite CD Review

Posted on: February 17, 2010

I am probably going to date myself a bit by admitting this on the internet, but I totally used to love Rainbow Brite! Do you remember her? Did you love her colorful outfits, bright red hair, and spunk attitude? She was one of my favorite dolls growing up and she literally went everywhere with me. My mom has a picture of me on her fridge when I was about 4 wearing my own version of a Rainbow Brite outfit and even though I cringe when I see my colorful get up, I do have to admit it was kinda cute! If this totally clueless un-technical Minnie Mama can figure out how to scan it onto my computer then I will show you, but no promises as we all know how not tech savvy I am!

Thanks to Mom Select I was given the opportunity to review a brand new Rainbow Brite CD. And I gotta tell you — this CD is absolutely awesome!! It’s a fun interactive CD that has games, puzzles, the theme song (it’s stuck in my head right now!), coloring pages to print out which Isabella loves, and so much more. Isabella is always interested in using the computer so this was the perfect opportunity for her to play on it w/o me having to worry about what interesting sites we may stumble upon if ya catch my drift! Honestly, I’ve had so much fun getting acquainted with Rainbow Brite and Isabella thinks she’s the coolest character too — you better be careful Goofy as you might have competition!

Although Isabella is much younger than I was when I first discovered Rainbow Brite, she still totally loves her and has definitely taken a liking to this new game. I have a feeling that we may have to purchase the new Rainbow Brite doll that’s now out in stores. Honestly though, that’s totally cool w/ me as I am finding some of her Barbie dolls to be a little risqué for a toddler and this cute Rainbow Brite is definitely much more G rated, but that’s a whole other post!  🙂

Anyways, I was also given additional CDs to  share with friends and family which made everyone so excited as Rainbow Brite was a favorite to all of us! I saved a couple CDs to give out to my readers so please feel free to contact me and if they’re still available then I’d love to share w/ you!  🙂

Important Disclosure: Mom Select sent me these complimentary CDs to review and no monetary compensation was received. I was not told what to say as these are my honest opinions about this CD.


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