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Smiling Whales, Mustached Houses, and LeSportsac

Posted on: February 23, 2010

Minnie Mama has always been a huge fan of LeSportsac. I mean, what’s not to love?! The quality and durability of LeSportsac is unbeatable. The unique designs and styles are always super cute. And the prices are affordable. Seriously, I will ask this again — how can you not love LeSportsac?! 

And so I am very excited to share with all you (drum roll please), the unveiling of LeSportsac’s 2010 Spring Artist in Residence collection by Katharina Leuzinger.  

Per their press release:  

Smiling Whales, Mustached Houses, and LeSportsac

LeSportsac introduces Spring 2010 Artist in Residence, Katharina Leuzinger. Raised and London schooled designer and illustrator,Katharina Leuzinger, captures boldly colorful and intricately detailed magical worlds and LeSportsac happily jumped into them. Leuzinger and LeSportsac have produced a wildly playful and completely redesigned Spring 2010 Artist in Residence Collection

Leuzinger’s blend of playful fancy and organized structure evokes an instantaneous emotional response of pure happiness that organically allows her work to tell its own stories and the prints she created for LeSportsac are no exception. 

House Boat features a colorful world where octopuses rule, multiple rainbows abound, and whales beckon with smiles. At the same time, Snackville tells the story of mustached houses, bunny abodes, and a place where snack time and home are given their due. 

The prints are available in nine new styles created exclusively for the Artist in Residence Collection rounded out by the return of the everpopular lunch bag, the Snack Sac. The new and first ever accessories for the collection, the Play Case Cosmetic and the House Pouch, give all consumers a chance to have pieces of highly adorable and completely packable art. Shaped like one of housesfeatured in the Snackville print and graphically reproduced, the House Pouch is a wholly unique part of the collection. Additionally, the introduction of the Teeny Duffle, the Mini Scout About Messenger, and the Girl Talk Hobo offer options for fashionable and fun every day bags, while the Double Trouble Tote and Jumbo Duffle are available for carry all and easy travel. The collection is completed by a seriously functional backpack, the Rascal Rucksack. 

So now that you read that entire press release, are you jumping up and down with excitement like I am? Or maybe you are drooling over the design and styles of these products? Either way, aren’t you just so excited?! I seriously am psyched about this new collection and can’t wait to start sporting a trendy new LeSportsac bag. Minnie Mama will be sure to keep you posted of any news regarding our favorite bag company ever!  🙂


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[…] I mentioned in a previous post LeSportsac has once again outdone themselves by releasing their brand new super cute 2010 Spring […]

[…] I mentioned in a previous post LeSportsac has once again outdone themselves by releasing their brand new super cute 2010 Spring […]

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