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Our Weekly General Hospital Chat

Posted on: February 27, 2010

As part of being a General Hospital Brand Ambassador, my job is to discuss with all of you what’s going on w/ our favorite show, our thoughts on the story line, etc. Honestly, I really shouldn’t call this a job as when I think of job I think of something I have to do by no choice of my own and this is definitely not the case. I mean, I seriously LOVE General Hospital and talking ab0ut it just comes naturally. Hee hee.

So with that said, have you watched General Hospital yet this week? I totally caught up on all of this week’s episodes (thank god for DVR) and first of all I love the new updated theme. It’s so nice to see only the current characters and not past characters. And it looks so fresh and chic w/ the various scenes behind each character, such as Nicholas in front of the castle. And then Elizabeth is front of it too — do you think that’s a secret sign that maybe her character will have a lot more to do w/ Nicholas once we learn who the baby’s daddy really is?! Or maybe not as Lucky is also shown in front of the castle, but it’s just fun to think I figured out the twists. And I love how they show the character’s name along w/ their real name — it looks good.

I totally don’t want to ruin anything in case you haven’t caught up on this week’s episodes, but as I’m sure you are aware Sonny is going to court for the death of his wife, Claudia, and it’s all thanks to his new-found son, Domenic. Do you think in the end father and son will reunite as a strong force? Or do you think Domenic will always despise his father? And what about this new shark lawyer for the FBI — will she take Sonny down once and for all? I highly doubt they’ll put Sonny in jail. I mean, c’mon it’s SONNY! But you never know what twists and turns will take place to keep it interesting!

And without giving away too much from Friday’s episode — stay tuned on Monday because it’s gonna be a good one!  🙂

Important Disclosure: I am a participant in a Mom Central campaign for ABC Daytime and will receive a tote bag or other General Hospital branded items to facilitate my review.


3 Responses to "Our Weekly General Hospital Chat"

Starr Manning and her entourage have to go. We don’t care about them and never will. Very lame to try to fit them in. Go away!!

WHat the heck! I just turned on the tv and saw steve burton on the young and the restless? I thought he quit to do “other” projects? WHats the truth

I honestly have no idea. I’m guessing it’s a money issue / schedule issue, but I really don’t know. 🙂

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