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We’re Going to Disney World

Posted on: March 5, 2010


Okay so we’re actually already in Disney World, but as I am a total slacker w/ blogging this week I thought I’d start from the beginning and then catch you up to speed w/ things.

We left Monday morning for our Disney vacation and for the 1st time ever our dreaded airport travel actually went pretty well!! My best friend drove us to the airport (if you’re reading this my BFF — THANK YOU A MILLION!!!) and we checked all of our bags at the curb and proceeded to find our terminal. I actually packed pretty light and my only carry on was my hot new LeSportsac Artist in Residence tote bag. I will be posting my review on that fabulous bag later on, but for right now let me just tell you not only did I have the cutest carry on bag ever, but it’s also totally functional and I’ve literally been using it every day of my vacation as it holds a ton & keeps me looking cute!

Another awesome aspect of our airport travels — I didn’t have to lug my beloved  carriage through the airport! As you all know Minnie Mama is a little OCD and when it comes to her carriage well that is no exception. I have a special carry on case that it travels in and I never check it w/ my bags as I check it at the gate to be sure that it doesn’t get lost and receives minimal contact w/ rough airport bag handlers. I have a special lock that I usually bring with us to Disney World and yes I literally lock it up every time we go on a ride. Yes, I am OCD and I accept this, but in my defense it’s a pricey carriage and honestly I just like to take good care of  my stuff. But none of this is mattered this time as I was given the opportunity to ‘test drive’ a rental carriage from a local stroller rental company! This awesome company is offering Minnie Mama a chance to borrow one of their cool carriages for the week and they will even deliver & pick up the carriage from our resort. Seriously, how cool is this?! This too I will be writing a formal review on, but for now I just wanted to offer this little preview!  

Okay so that’s all for now and I promise to check back in w/ you all again later on, but right now we’re off to ride Small World over and over again until my poor hubby tries to jump off the boat. It’s Mini Minnie Mama and Minnie Mama’s favorite ride!


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