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Chef Mickey’s

Posted on: March 9, 2010

Originally we planned to visit one of the parks on our second day of vacation, but thanks to Orlando’s iffy weather forecast we decided to spend a low-key day at the outlets. I always find awesome deals at the Orlando Outlets as there’s a huge Victoria’s Secret, Gymboree, and Coach. There’s tons of other shops too, but these are my top three.

That evening we had dinner reservations at Chef Mickey’s and Isabella couldn’t have been more excited. She dressed up in her special Minnie Mouse costume and was so excited to see all of her ‘friends’!

Honestly, the food itself is pretty gross. I mean, it’s edible, but it’s not gourmet cuisine to put it mildly or even somewhat appetizing. It’s a buffet style restaurant with limited options to choose from. I do enjoy the dessert buffet as there’s a make-your-own sundae bar and other sweets, but this too is not the best. However, just remember you’re paying for the atmosphere and the enjoyment of seeing your little one’s excitement of seeing the characters — Mickey, Minnie, Donald, and Pluto!

Each of the characters comes over to your table for several moments and visits with your child which allows for plenty of awesome photo opportunities. This is an awesome idea if you’re like us and don’t necesarily have the patience to wait in lines for hours to meet them.

Keep in mind though that some of these characters, such as Goofy, may seem extra large to your child and even freak them out despite how much they love them from a distance. This was our 3rd time eating here so Isabella knew the routine and loved every minute of it. But the 1st time was in celebration of her 1st Birthday and while Goofy has always been her favorite she seriously freaked out when he came near us! Like when I say freaked out, I mean it — she was shaking like she was having a seizure! Honestly, it’s kinda funny to me now when I look back on it, but at the time it was awful. Actually, this time Isabella was a little nervous about seeing Donald Duck which was odd since he’s the smallest character of the group, but I am guessing her Mama’s fear of birds has rubbed off on her!

Also, keep in mind that this is a very popular restaurant so I strongly suggest making your dining reservations well in advance to ensure you get your desired dates / times. Actually, I suggest this for all of your dining reservations as most kids are on similar eating / napping schedules so parents all want the prime times!

Chef Mickey’s really was an awesome experience for all of us as the look on Isabella’s face each time she saw a character was priceless!


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