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Review: Orlando Stroller Rentals

Posted on: March 12, 2010

As I mentioned in a previous post, Minnie Mama decided to leave her precious carriage at home for our Walt Disney World trip and rent one in Orlando.  Honestly, I was a bit hesitant about renting a carriage as both Minnie Mama and Mini Minnie Mama are very partial to our beloved carriage. Would the rental carriage be comfortable enough for Isabella? Would it be comfortable and high enough for us to push? Would it be easy to fold up?  I knew that realistically this made sense as it would be one less thing to try to cram into our recalled and unsafe Toyota Camry (ugh, that still makes me mad!) and then lug through the airport, but of course the OCD in me took over and I was a little nervous.

And then I was trying to decide what company would we rent a carriage from? Should we just rent one at the parks each day? But then if we rented one at the parks we’d only be able to use it at that one park and shelling out $15 per a day per a park seems kinda silly since we like to park hop! Not to mention those park rental carriages are made up of hard uncomfortable plastic plus they can’t even recline. And then what would we do when we visited the Outlets or Downtown Disney? She’s too heavy to carry everywhere plus she’d want to get down and run wild!

After doing much research and careful consideration we chose to work with Orlando Stroller Rentals who I truly can’t say enough good things about! They are a small company in the Orlando area started by a husband and wife and they are super nice — I just love working w/ smaller local businesses, don’t you?!  🙂 And thanks to this brilliant and genius concept of renting strollers in one of the top family destinations in the U.S. their company is growing each month. They’ve received all kinds of well deserved recognition from sites such as WDW Info.com; the WDW Moms’ Panel; All Ears.net; the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World 2010; and so many more!

The whole reservation process was super easy as I just needed to tell Shannon a little bit about my needs (how many children I needed it for, if my child had special needs, and her weight) so I could be matched up w/ the best fit; my rental dates; the resort I was staying at (they deliver all over the Orlando area); and sign a waiver form. And then upon checking into the resort, I just had to check in w/ Bell Services who were holding my carriage.  And then upon check out of our resort we just had to drop it back off w/ Bell Services to hold and Orlando Stroller Rentals would pick it up. Seriously, this couldn’t have been easier!

The carriage which I rented was the City Mini Single Stroller which holds one single child up to 50 lbs. This was a perfect match for Isabella and it was really comfortable for her. However, if you have more than one child, a heavier child, or a child with special needs then fear not – Orlando Stroller Rentals carries a wide selection of rental strollers to meet every family’s needs!

I was very excited to test out the City Mini Single Stroller as my friend actually just purchased the same one for her little girl and she’s constantly raving about it. Now I too could see this awesome stroller in action! It features a 3 point harness which is great for my active little one who likes to try to climb out of her carriage. Also, for the few times that Isabella fell asleep the carriage reclined way back so she could comfortably take a power nap in between all of the Disney excitement. And when she was napping we pulled the canopy cover all the way over her so there was literally no sunlight peeking in at her — something I wish our carriage at home did! And it also featured a storage basket underneath that held a great deal and was super easy to access.  

One of my favorite features of this amazing carriage was how incredibly simple it was to fold up and then open again. Literally all you do is pull the two little cloth handles in the seat of the carriage and it folds up instantly. There are no buttons to push in; no 2 pieces to disassemble and then fold up (like w/ mine); no handle bars to push down; etc. In fact, it was so incredibly easy that it took us about ten minutes to figure it out! Yes, it did come w/ a wonderful little direction pamphlet tied to the carriage along w/ company logo band aids (excellent marketing idea!) and business cards, but reading the directions would’ve made life too simple. Instead the hubby and I tried a million and one other ways to fold it up as we are so used to our complex curse causing carriages at home. And then my smarty pants hubby figured it out and we couldn’t stop laughing at each other — it was so easy that our toddler could’ve done it!

We absolutely loved every second of renting this carriage and Isabella loved riding in it. She didn’t give us a hard time at all when we told her she had to get back in as she usually does at home. Nope, she just climbed right in and sat back to enjoy her chauffeured ride. Of course we told her she was just like Cinderella riding to the ball in her pumpkin coach as it was orange too, but whatever works, right?!

If you are planning an upcoming family trip to the Orlando area then I strongly suggest renting a carriage through Orlando Stroller Rentals! Not only are they fabulous to work with and provide quality rentals, but their rates are super affordable and reasonable! For example, a single stroller for a 1-3 night rental is only $50.00 or $70.00 for a 4-7 night rental which is way less than Disney’s uncomfy one park only rentals! The prices increase for your number of days and the type of carriages needed, but I promise they are very reasonable!

Minnie Mama and the family will definitely be contacting Orlando Stroller Rentals for all of our future WDW vacations!

Important Disclosure: No monetary compensation was received for this review. I was given the opportunity for a complimentary rental, but these are my honest opinions based on our experiences throughout our vacation.


2 Responses to "Review: Orlando Stroller Rentals"

We will be there next month and the kids can’t wait. We are planning to rent strollers instead of bringing our own. Will check them out.

Hi, I am thinking about renting the exact same model for our Disney trip this February. My daughter is 4 (she’ll be 3 months away from 5 years old) Right now she weighs just under 40 pounds, so I know that wont be an issue. But I’m wondering about the leg room. It’s hard to tell from your photos, but may I ask how tall your daughter was for your trip?

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