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The Magic Kingdom

Posted on: March 16, 2010

As a little girl the Magic Kingdom always seemed so magical and special to me. It was my favorite Disney park and none of the others could even compare. While I do enjoy visiting the other parks now and appreciate them each for their uniqueness especially Epcot which I love, but used to despise as a child, my favorite is still the Magic Kingdom!

This was Isabella’s 3rd trip to Walt Disney World, but I think it was definitely the best for her so far. She’s at an awesome age as she now understands the whole Disney concept more and gets so excited when she sees her favorite characters or goes on a ride.

We decided to visit the Magic Kingdom on a weekday as it’s typically less busy than the weekends. We also got there right when it opened which is perfect as most families are still sleeping in or just having their breakfast, but we figured we get up early at home so why not make the most of our vacation and be there for opening. This really is the best time to visit the Magic Kingdom or any of the other parks as we didn’t wait in any line for more than 5-10 minutes and we literally got the whole Fantasy Land area of the park done in less than 1 hour. If you had to wait in lines for all of the rides in Fantasy Land then it easily could take up your whole day!

Isabella enjoyed her 1st ride ever on the Dumbo ride and she even got to pick which Dumbo she wanted to ride in. Yup, you guessed it. The pink one! She is so her mother’s daughter!  🙂  It was also Daddy’s 1st time on Dumbo too. We all really enjoyed it!

We also went on the Peter Pan ride twice. Isabella loves the Peter Pan movie especially the Mermaid Lagoon scene which was always my favorite too. I knew from past experiences that it was dark in there, but Isabella’s not afraid of the dark so it wouldn’t be a problem. Wrong! She didn’t like it one bit and kept saying I all done Mama. It too dark. Take me off.  I felt so bad as I really thought she’d love it. We even got a Fast Pass for it so we could go on  it again later! And we did go on it again. Why did we go on it again since the kid is afraid of it, you ask? Well, it turns out Miss Isabella decided she wanted to give it a 2nd chance and try it again. Well, the 2nd try didn’t work and two seconds later she declared she didn’t like it again. I was proud of her for trying it again, but felt bad for listening to her when she insisted she wanted to ride it again. The whole rest of the vacation Isabella would tell anyone and everyone who would listen to her I know like the Peter Pan ride. It too dark.  I think that ride may have traumatized my baby! She still likes to watch that movie, but she still talks about that ride in such disdain!

We also went on Mama’s favorite ride Small World! I realize that ride is so old-looking and out dated, but that’s part of its charm and I just love it! I could ride it over and over again!  🙂

There was lots of other rides we went on too such as Aladdin’s Magic Carpet, Buzz Lightyear, the Jungle Boat ride, the Haunted Mansion which was daddy’s bright idea even though I knew my little one would be scared and she sat there w/ my hands over her eyes the whole time, and several other rides.

One of the highlights of our day at the Magic Kingdom was meeting Lilo & Stitch! Isabella absolutely loves Lilo!! So much that we searched the whole Disney property and online to find her a Lilo doll with absolutely no luck. Plenty of Stitch dolls, but no Lilo. Oh well. Anyways, Lilo was absolutely awesome w/ Isabella and spent so much time visiting w/ her. It totally made her day.

We also watched the afternoon parade which was so much fun. The excitement in Isabella’s eyes every time a character waved to her was priceless. She was most excited when she saw Cinderella as they were wearing matching dresses. It was absolutely freezing in Disney the whole week, but Isabella insisted on wearing her Princess dresses and since it was Disney w/ 100’s of other little girls in their dresses how could I serious say no?! I bundled her up in layers and she wore her dress. She looked so adorable! 

After the parade we had dinner in Cinderella’s Royal Castle which was just like a fairy tale for my little Princess. Isabella got to meet all of the princesses and had a little extra special time w/ Cinderella before dinner which was really special for her. Honestly, the dining experience itself was awful as the food is disgusting and over priced. I found a big piece of plastic in my salad and after alerting the waiter the chef came out and all he said was sorry. Nothing more. I was appalled, but just left it at that as this was Isabella’s special day.

Each of the princesses came over to visit w/ Isabella and she especially liked Snow White who seemed to be the nicest.

Belle was a bit snobby and wouldn’t even kneel down to Isabella’s level, but that was alright as Isabella didn’t fully realize it was her. She wasn’t wearing the classic yellow dress and we haven’t seen the movie yet.

Sleeping Beauty was absolutely beautiful and looked like a beauty queen contestant.

And Jasmine was really nice too. I love her fun costume!

After the princesses came around Isabella received a magic wand and wishing stars. She had to recite a rhyme and then make a magic wish. Did she wish to sleep in the castle? No. Did she wish to be a Princess someday? No. Isabella wished for a cupcake. Yup, a cupcake. We came all the way to Disney for a cupcake. Luckily that was an easy wish to grant!

We had a very long and exhausting day, but it was so much fun!


3 Responses to "The Magic Kingdom"

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That looks like a super fun day!! I’m jealous I wish I could go to Walt Disney World! Maybe someday when I have kids I will take them there 🙂

It reallly was an awesome day! Oooh, you should go anyways even if you don’t have kids — there’s tons of people there w/o kids. It’s just fun for everyone! 🙂

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