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Posted on: March 18, 2010

As a little girl I honestly despised visiting Epcot. It seemed like such a waste of a precious vacation day to me! However, now as an adult I really enjoy visiting Epcot and appreciate everything it has to offer. Plus they’ve added many great attractions which the whole family is sure to love such as Soaring and Mission Space (warning – may make you sick!).

As we did w/ the majority of our visits to the park we got there super early right when they opened so we could beat the lines and most importantly meet a couple prime characters before their lines got wicked long. We got to meet Miss Daisy Duck who Isabella adores!

We also saw Stitch for the 4th time during this vacation. That naughty little character just keeps popping up and we’re not complaining — we love him!

We also had the special privilege of a 1-1 meet & greet w/ Goofy and Minnie Mouse. This was a highlight for us as he’s Isabella’s absolute favorite character! How did we get to score a private meeting w/ them? Well, you see we’re Disney Visa cardholders and that’s one of the perks — you get to meet 2 mystery characters at Epcot in a private room and get your picture taken with them. Plus we also received a voucher to obtain a free 8×10 picture taken during our visit. This was an awesome perk and just one of the many of having this CC. We also get points every time we use our CC which then can be redeemed for Disney GC’s which definitely come in handy for us! 

Honestly, we’ve been to Epcot so many times that we just focused on visiting the attractions that would appeal to Isabella so we spent about 1/2 a day at this park. She really LOVED the Finding Nemo ride and still talks about it today!

After the Nemo ride we visited Epcot’s indoor aquarium area. We had an awesome time looking at the dolphins, sea turtles, and fish. We also had the chance to get our picture taken inside Bruce’s mouth which was so exciting!

Plus we saw the Turtle Talk show with Crush. That was so gnarly, dude!  🙂

Before heading back to our resort for an afternoon nap we enjoyed lunch at Coral Reef. We had prime seats right by the aquarium and got to watch the big sea turtle relax. He even posed for pictures! This was a perfect restaurant for us as the food was delicious and the aquarium action kept Isabella content so Minnie Mama could totally enjoy her meal including the sinful chocolate wave dessert. 

It was a really fun day and we can’t wait to go back there again!


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