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Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Posted on: March 19, 2010

I know, I know — the posts about WDW just keeping coming, but I can’t help myself. It’s Minnie Mama’s favorite place in the world and we had such a good time! However, catching you all up on our vacation is taking forever it feels like so next time I am not only bringing the lap top, but I am actually gonna blog about our day every night as I originally planned too. Oh well, live and learn, right?!

Anyways, we visited the Animal Kingdom and it was so much fun! Isabella loves animals. Pretty much any animal she loves, even crocodiles.

She was in total heaven to see the elephants and she kept calling them Beulah. Yes, she’s still totally obsessed w/ Beulah!

We saw the Finding Nemo show which was so cute and Isabella loved it. She’s still singing where’s my dad over and over again just like Nemo did!

We also saw The Lion King show which was wicked fun too! There was lots of singing and dancing so that really kept Isabella’s attention. The only downfall of the show was when the dancers picked kids who wanted to participate on the dance floor. Isabella was freaking out and jumping up and down, literally, to go dance w/ them, but they wouldn’t pick her. Everyone around us was even screaming this little girl wants to dance, but they totally skipped right over her. However, that didn’t stop my determined little dancing queen — she asked me if she could go get them and I said sure so she climbed over the benches and started to run out there anyways. But of course I had to go get her as Daddy said she had to sit back down w/ us. Oh well, Mama tried for you Isabella!  Ha ha  🙂

Luckily Isabella did get her chance to dance with other kids and performers at a street show in Africa. It was so fun and Isabella really got into it. Even Daddy had fun with the performance!

And of course our day wouldn’t be complete without a visit to Lilo and Stitch again. She even got to dance with her favorite duo. Isabella does love Stitch, but Lilo is definitely her favorite! Watch out Goofy — you might have competition!


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[…] you may have noticed from the previous posts here, here, and here, Isabella is obsessed with Lilo and Stitch. Lilo to be totally accurate. There is […]

We just took our twins to AK for the first time at 12 months and they loved it!!!!

Isabella was around that age the 1st time she went to AK too — she loved the animals.

I bet it was extra fun w/ twins at the park — two sets of ooohs and aahhs over the animals! 🙂

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