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The Spirit of Aloha

Posted on: March 19, 2010

After we left the Animal Kingdom we met Grampa & Mimi at the Polynesian Hotel for The Spirit of Aloha dinner. We always make reservations for this restaurant as it’s absolutely amazing and exceeds our expectations every time!

The Spirit of Aloha dinner is an outdoor dining experience located behind the Polynesian Hotel and it’s not only dinner, but also an inter-active live show with a story to follow,  pretty female hula dancers, hot male hula dancers (very fun to watch, hee hee), and an amazing fire dancer. The fire dancer alone is worth the show as he performs crazy stunts!

You sit outdoors and can opt to sit in the open air covered area or just right outside. We always sit under the roof as you never know when it will rain unexpectedly in Florida! And it’s all the food and beer/wine/soda you can eat & drink. Honestly, I am not much for buffets or that type of stuff as the food is usually mediocre and you have to push your way past the buffet busters, but not in this case. You are served family style at your table and OMG the food is to die for. I could easily just eat the tropical salad and to-die-for pineapple coconut bread. Seriously, I easily ate a whole life, but that’s a whole other blog to post about and why my jeans are too tight now. Ugh! The rest of the meal is wicked good too — chicken, ribs, veggies, rice, and delicious chocolate mousse for dessert.

During the show children are invited to come up and dance with the dancers for a special performance. So of course Isabella went up to dance. At first there was tons of kids, but a couple minutes into it and there was only a handful with the majority of them being older ones as the little ones had stage fright.

Isabella was definitely not one of the kids with stage fright. Oh yeah, there was also a little boy who was obsessed w/ her! Seriously! He kept trying to hold her hands and dance w/ her, but she wanted no part of him or his smooth dance moves. She’s an independent woman at the age of 2!

And then afterwards there was another special performance for anyone who was celebrating a Birthday. Isabella’s birthday is months away, but we didn’t let that minor detail stop us — Isabella ran up there again to dance her little heart out.

When the special Birthday dance was over Isabella wanted to keep on dancing. She just couldn’t understand why she wasn’t allowed to dance with the professional dancers. She was crying but Mama I NEED to dance. Before you ask, I’ve already checked and you need to be 3 to take dance classes so we will definitely be signing up as soon as we can. Luckily her Mimi kept her very happy and they played inside Mimi’s circle as Isabella called it.

We had a really fun evening and my thighs are still thanking me for all of the bread I indulged in!


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