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Breakfast with Lilo and Stitch

Posted on: March 23, 2010

As you may have noticed from the previous posts here, here, and here, Isabella is obsessed with Lilo and Stitch. Lilo to be totally accurate. There is just something about this adorable little Hawaiian girl who Isabella loves!

We heard the Polynesian Hotel offered a character breakfast with Lilo & Stitch, but we didn’t act on it & make advance reservations like we should have. We realized this after seeing Isabella’s joy AKA freaking out with sheer excitement each time she met Lilo at one of the parks! We decided we had to have breakfast with Lilo as this would totally make Isabella’s vacation, but much to our dismay our hotel concierge informed us they were completely booked during our stay. Seriously?! How could the OCD Minnie Mama not have made advance dining reservations for such a special event?! Luckily Isabella is too young to  realize there is a special breakfast with one of her favorite characters, but her guilt ridden Mama wasn’t and knew there had to be something she could do to get a reservation!

With the family in tow, Minnie Mama stopped by the Polynesian Hotel in the hopes of scoring a reservation. First she stopped by the restaurant itself only to be informed they were definitely completely booked, but she could show up at 7am the following morning and wait on stand-by so if there was a cancellation they could dine, but that would be on a first come first serve basis so if another family was already there waiting they’d automatically get it. While I completely understand the policy, whoever made it obviously doesn’t have kids! Let’s see, I am gonna drag my toddler out of bed well before 7am (keep in mind it was already after 9pm as we just watched the fireworks) to show up at a restaurant and sit in a lobby where she can clearly see her favorite character plus others (Stitch, Mickey, and Pluto) only to tell her that unfortunately after waiting impatiently for several hours we don’t have reservations and must go home to eat breakfast w/ her boring parents. Yeah, that sounds like a great plan to me. Ugh!

Now most parents may have just given up and decided it was their own fault for not making advance reservations which Minnie Mama totally accepts responsibility for as it was her fault, but I was not willing to give up and be defeated just yet! I marched my butt down to the hotel’s concierge desk and very sweetly (remember you get more flies w/ honey than vinegar) explained the whole situation to the concierge,  showed her the pics of Isabella w/ Lilo, and also asked Isabella who her favorite character was whispering to her other than Goofy. Yes, I used my child in the pawn to get reservations, but desperate times called for desperate measures! Oh and I also casually slipped in the whole from one fellow concierge to another can you please do me this teensy tiny favor? Make a long story short, there were no reservations for a party of three, but there was reservations for a party of 5 at 10:30am (perfect time) so my new BFF concierge told me to grab these reservations and then the following morning upon checking in at the restaurant to just say two of our guests were ill and couldn’t make it as there would be no way they could turn us away as we did have reservations. Wow, this lady was a genius and a total life saver. She was awesome and I definitely thanked her a million times over for it!  🙂

After all of that we were so excited that our hard work and powers of persuasion paid off. I could hardly wait till breakfast the next morning so I made the mistake of telling Isabella who we made reservations to see. OMG. She was soooo excited! 

As I mentioned before here and here, when you enjoy a character dining meal you are not necessarily going to enjoy a gourmet meal. So with that in mind, I was somewhat surprised to find just how delicious the bread was. It was warm, sweet, and filled with sugary pineapple. Asides from that it was breakfast. Eggs, bacon, sausage, biscuits, fresh fruit, and the Mickey Mouse waffles you get at everywhere breakfast location in Disney. It was served to us family style and it was all you could eat which is nice if you enjoy cafeteria type food.

But we weren’t here for the food. We were here to see LILO! And yes we did see Lilo. It was awesome and Isabella loved every second of it.

We also saw Pluto who was very silly and made Isabella smile.

However, at the risk of sounding like a total negative Nelly, I will tell you that overall we were very disappointed with the characters. Mickey tapped my hubby on the shoulder to take a picture w/ the family behind us and he happily agreed to. After all, we’d probably be asking them to return the favor shortly, right? Wrong! Mickey took off and we never saw him again. We waited and waited, but no Mickey. I know, Mickey Mouse is a very hard character to find inside the parks, but at a character dining event he is supposed to visit with all of the kids. The whole point of paying a ridiculous amount of money to enjoy crappy food is so your child can enjoy the 1 on 1 experience of meeting the characters!

And then we saw Stitch all over the place. He literally came to every single table, but ours. He was right behind us. Right next to us. Everywhere but where we needed him to be which was our table. We called his name and waved for him to come over to us. We thought maybe he didn’t hear us, but then we asked our waiter to ask Stitch to come visit and still he never came. After much waiting and waiting, we decided it was time to leave as we paid our bill and the table had been cleared off. Stitch was at the table near us so I took Isabella over there and we waited for him to finish up with that family. Once he said good bye to the excited little children, Isabella ran up to him in the hopes of a hug or at least a high five, but she got nothing. Nothing at all. He turned to us and waved bye before rushing off to the back door. Seriously?! Are you freakin’ kidding me?! A toddler runs up to you and all you do is wave bye?!

While Isabella wasn’t heartbroken over not seeing Stitch, it did upset her a bit. Stitch no want to see me she kept saying and telling everyone who asked her about the breakfast. Even now when we talk about the trip she says that. Thank god, Lilo is her favorite or this Minnie Mama would be raising hell just like Stitch does!

Lilo saw the whole thing happen including Isabella’s sad little face filled with disappointment so she rushed over to give Isabella one last hug. What a sweet Lilo!


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