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Magic Kingdom Fireworks

Posted on: March 23, 2010

Okay, okay. I realize you’re probably all sick of hearing about our Walt Disney World vacation. A vacation that happened a few weeks ago that I am still going on and on about. I’m sorry. I just can’t help myself!

So in respect of your feelings of boredom with these posts I won’t tell you about how the Magic Kingdom’s fireworks truly are magical and one of my favorite aspects of a WDW vacation.

I won’t tell you how in our pre-Isabella days we enjoyed the view of the fireworks show with bubbly drinks in our hands from the outdoor deck overlooking the water of the swanky Narcoosee’s restaurant at the Grand Floridian hotel. I won’t tell you about the gigantic Maine lobsters we excitedly dug into while enjoying (gasp) complete uninterrupted sentences! Or how the music of the show was infused into the restaurant so you felt like you were there minus the crowds of thousands and thousands of people all pushed together like a herd of cattle.

I won’t tell you about how outside on that deck during the fireworks when they tell you to make a wish I secretly wished for a healthy baby girl. And I definitely won’t tell you how the next fall when we returned for our annual WDW vacation I was eight months pregnant with our healthy baby girl! And I also won’t tell you how we so foolishly believed that even when our baby girl came we would still be able to enjoy fancy dinners like this with her in tow as she’d somehow sit quietly at the table. Yes, we definitely had no idea how active toddlers are!

I won’t tell you that while we no longer enjoy the view from our beloved Narcoosee’s, our little princess enjoys the best view in the park from her Daddy’s shoulders.

Or that we actually find it even more magical to watch it right inside the Magic Kingdom with our little princess!


2 Responses to "Magic Kingdom Fireworks"

Wishes is one of the best things at Disney World. One of my favorite things is to watch it from the beach at the Polynesian Resort. It’s actually a better view than from the Grand Floridian.

We all love fireworks, young and old. Many thanks for the post. The Epic Fireworks Team.

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