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Rain, Rain, Go Away

Posted on: March 30, 2010

Rain, rain, go away. Minnie Mama & Isabella want to play!

It’s been raining for two straight days now with 100% chance of rain for tomorrow too. And I am not complaining about a few scattered showers. Oh no, it’s like torrential down pour here!

I didn’t plan on telling you this story as it already happened and passed w/o too much damage, but now that it’s raining again I fear I may be telling a newer version so figured I might as well start at the beginning now.

We bought our house through a foreclosure (wicked good deal), but as a result of this we couldn’t ask the previous owners any questions about the house as they were long gone. No big deal as we had a home inspection. But what we didn’t think to ask / fully think about was if our basement would get flooded. Yes, there was a sump pump built into the basement floor, but with a new baby we were desperate to get out of our current place in the city so didn’t give it too much consideration.

And so every time it rains heavily we get a teeny little puddle or if it’s really bad then a stream of water that I just wipe up w/ old towels. No big deal. But then it happened. The Boston area had major flooding or as the weatherman put it the worst rain fall in 20 years and we got flooded!

I checked on the basement in the evening around 11:30pm and that little stream was turning into a giant river. It was coming in through the foundation and rapidly gushing through the basement. I tried to turn on the sump pump, but we’ve lived here for 2 years and never once turned it on so I honestly had no clue! I ran upstairs to try to wake the sleeping hubby, but that didn’t work out too good so I ran back downstairs. I was desperate to save what I could! Okay so honestly I didn’t really think about saving anything other than my precious carriage, but that’ll be our little secret, right?  🙂

Anyways, after fooling around with the sump pump I finally decided that it’d just have to wait till morning as I was having no luck and was scared of electrocuting myself. Helloooo, I was standing in a huge puddle of water while trying to operate an electronic piece of equipment. Not a good idea!

And so early the next morning I ran downstairs to check on the water situation. OMG. OMFG! That river I told you about, it was now a massive ocean. Like seriously, the Atlantic ocean was in our basement! The basement water was up to my hubby’s knees. His freakin’ knees!

Luckily, we have that sump pump so after several days of non-stop pumping it was all gone. But now there’s that dreaded musty smell. Not sure what I mean? Imagine the smell when you leave the clothes in your washer overnight, but this is ten million times worse!

And so here we are again with heavy rainfall for the 2nd day in a row with a forecast of 100% chance of rain for tomorrow too. Knock on wood so far my basement only has that little stream, but I am so nervous it will turn into a freakin’ ocean again!

On the plus side, Isabella is loving being able to wear her rain coat and boots to school!


1 Response to "Rain, Rain, Go Away"

Oh girl…it rained the first few days of our spring break last week, it rained out the first weekend of spring soccer (games were cancelled) and FINALLY we are having gorgeous weather here.

Sending you sunshine…hope the basement dries out and the yuck smell goes away!

p.s. Isabella looks adorable!

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