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The Children’s Museum

Posted on: April 6, 2010

As a little girl growing up in the city, my mom always took me to the Boston Children’s Museum. It was super easy for her to get to as it’s T-accessible and provided us both with hours and hours of fun interaction and hands-on learning.

Fast forward 20-something years later and now I take my little girl to the very same Children’s Museum! Lots of things about this museum have changed over the years (for the better), but there’s also still many of the same exhibits just slightly updated & improved that I used to love too.

Although Isabella doesn’t watch too much TV, she was still excited to see the Arthur exhibit. We’ve read several of the books so she has a basic idea of who he is.

Isabella loved playing inside Arthur’s world as the story came alive through the various scenes such as the school bus, the kitchen where she cooked for me, and school where we sat down on the floor and read actual books. All of these exhibits were 100% hands on so Isabella really got to play and enjoy make believing.

She also enjoyed seeing herself on the TV where she appeared inside the actual Arthur cartoon. It was so cute!

We enjoyed the math room where we experimented with learning about different geometric shapes and tracing them.

We also had fun pretending we were Handy Manny in the Home Depot Workshop. Okay so let me rephrase that — we gave Mama a heart attack in the Home Depot Workshop while pretending to be Handy Manny! You see as w/ all of the exhibits in this museum it’s totally hands on which is wicked cool. But what I didn’t realize is that the tools in this exhibit are REAL. Yup, my baby was playing w/ an actual sharp as hell saw! Luckily I realized this only moments after she picked it up and began sawing away at the wood, but she still could’ve seriously injured herself! This is one major negative for the museum — there was no signs or warning that the tools were real. Honestly, even w/ my supervision I didn’t feel comfortable allowing Isabella to play w/ any of the tools as they all pose serious risks so we left that exhibit ASAP.

I did manage to get a couple cute pics of Isabella in her little apron though.

And we had the chance to meet one of Boston’s finest future Red Sox players. Watch out Yankees!

We had lots of fun playing in the water and sand exhibit. It was like a giant sink! There was a drain that was so much fun to pull as the water went whooshing down. We also enjoyed playing with the different water toys.

The sand part was so cool as it was like the beach, but without the hassle of sand in our bottoms!  🙂

There was so many different things to explore at the museum. And we learned all about who lives where!

There was a free play area that had a special section designate just for little crawlers, moms who need to nurse, a kitchen to enjoy a snack.

And a whole section to sit and enjoy a puzzle!

And even a pretend car to drive!

We also loved the Curious George exhibit. Sometimes we’re just as mischievous as that little monkey!

There was so many cool things to do in this area and we were excited to meet Curious George.

We especially loved the slide!

We also had lots of fun in the Boston section of the museum where we went grocery shopping.

And we visited a hair salon and got to make our clients beautiful!

And last, but not least one of our favorite exhibits was the BUBBLES! Minnie Mama used to love this exhibit when she was little so she was wicked excited to see it’s still here after all of these years. Isabella had a blast making bubbles and watching them go all over the place.

And her favorite part of this experience was getting to go inside a giant life size bubble! She was estatic and it was so cool to see her do this on her own, she’s so independent!

On the way out we played the drums, just to get any extra energy out of our systems before we headed home for our afternoon nap.


4 Responses to "The Children’s Museum"

What an amazing Children’s Museum! I can’t believe they had reals tools though…oh my gosh I’d have a heart attack too!!! They should’ve had a sign up. Sheesh! 🙂 purposedrivenlife4you at gmail dot com

Honestly, I was shocked! We looked all around, but there was NO signs stating the saws were real. I was floored!!

I loved going to the Boston Children’s Museum as a kid. My favorite part was going inside a giant life size bubble too!

Mine too — that museum is so cool! Are you from the Boston area? I love knowing I have some local readers! 🙂

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