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Coloring Easter Eggs

Posted on: April 12, 2010


In celebration of Easter and my hubby’s love for hard boiled eggs (gag!) he decided we should color Easter eggs with Isabella.

Do we do this in advance so we can admire the eggs for a few days? Nah, we finally get around to it the night before Easter and right around 8:30pm. Oh yes, that’s Isabella’s bedtime. Perfect. We are so smart.

And so we started out w/ 2 different boxes — one was Tinkerbell & friends and the other Disney Princesses. Both boxes have various colors you can dye the eggs, but you need vinegar to make every color except for pink. Of course we were so prepared (not) and read the directions (not) so we didn’t have any vinegar on hand. No big deal, the hubby decided he would run out and grab some.

Okay so while he’s out grabbing vinegar, Isabella decides that she can’t wait for Daddy to get home and wants to start w/o him. Remember this is her normal bedtime so she’s getting a little tired AKA cranky. And keep in mind this was his great idea, not mine. I hate the smell of those nasty boiled eggs. Now with that said, let’s just say there is a reason why the box says ages 5+. We ended up with 1 dozen sparkled pink hard boiled (stinky) eggs and they all were cracked which accentuated the lovely smell.

You see, a toddler trying to drop eggs into the dye is a disaster waiting to happen. On the bright side, my little one did have lovely sparkly pink hands which looked great with the sparkles covering both of our bodies.

Did she understand the whole decorating eggs thing? Not a chance. But on the plus side Daddy now has delicious (gag) eggs to eat and Isabella has 2 sheets of stickers as she refused to stick them on the eggs. Hee hee.

Honestly though, this really was a lot of fun. Next year though we will be sure to plan our egg decorating activities a little better!


3 Responses to "Coloring Easter Eggs"

Wondering how long the sparkly pink fingers lasted before the dye wore off? The eggs turned out beautiful and who says they needed stickers anyway.

They were pink for a few days despite the scrubbing, but it’s OK — we had so much fun! 🙂

Ohhh the eggs turned out sooo pretty in PINK!! Love pink! 🙂

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