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Our Easter

Posted on: April 12, 2010

I know this post is long overdue, but the weather has been so gorgeous so we’ve been spending our days playing outside. Unplugged and disconnected from the cell phones, computers, tv. Yes, we’ve been a little out of touch, but it’s been perfect!  🙂

On Easter Sunday we stayed home and although I wish we would’ve grilled out considering the weather, the hubby & I cooked together. Yes, that’s right. He helped me in the kitchen and it was awesome to not be the only one cooking. He was nowhere to be seen once it came time to clean up, but as they say Rome wasn’t built-in a day.

Our family and friends stopped by throughout the day to visit and relax with us. We didn’t rush around to 5 million places or try to see everyone and anyone. No, we just stayed home and those who wanted to visit stopped by. It was an awesome day!

And of course the holiday wouldn’t be complete without my mom’s infamous Bunny cake. She’s literally been making this cake since I was a little girl so naturally she had to make one for Isabella too. It’s super cute and even more delicious! In the past my mom would use gum drops in place of the M&M’s and coconut to make it look like fur and then dye the coconut pink for the center of the ears, but this was for Isabella so she wanted to keep it simple and prevent any potential choking hazards. Honestly, I think it tastes better w/ the M&M’s than the gum drops, but we won’t tell my mom that.

Asides from the oodles of presents in Isabella’s Easter basket and eggs hidden throughout the house, the Easter Bunny also brought Isabella her very own Ariel big wheels that she absolutely loves.

It plays music from The Little Mermaid and blows bubbles. It’s super cute and didn’t even cause any major fights or cursing when the hubby had to put it together. That alone makes the big wheels worth it!

To sum Easter Sunday up — we all ate too much, enjoyed good company and laughs, played outside, and relaxed.


4 Responses to "Our Easter"

We had good weather on Easter also. Love Isabella’s big wheel!

OMG that stupid big wheel — the bubbles stopped working and it doesn’t play music anymore. What a piece of junk it turned out to be! LOL

That bunny cake looks sooo yummy!! What a nice tradition!

It really was delicious, just ask my thighs. Hee hee

It’s a fun tradition though and so worth the extra calories!! 🙂

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