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Lions, and tigers, and bears. Oh my!

Posted on: April 14, 2010

Okay so we didn’t actually see lions or tigers as our local Zoo is very small. But we did see bears and boy did we enjoy watching them!

As I’ve blogged about before, Isabella is absolutely in love with animals. She loves them all. From the little hamsters we see at the mall pet store to the giant giraffes in Disney. The kid really is an animal lover. So naturally one of her favorite places to visit, besides Disney World, is the zoo!

We went there this past weekend and OMG we had soooo much fun! She’s at the perfect age where she can really enjoy a morning at the zoo. We visited all of the animals, had a picnic lunch, played in the playground for what seemed like an eternity as there was many heart stopping moments (playgrounds filled with crazy toddlers are a recipe for disaster and boo boos, but that’s a whole other blog post!),


and even rode their train.

But you know what her favorite thing was? The yak. Yup, my kid is obsessed with the yak. He snorts like a pig and she loves it. Oink, oink.

It was a wicked fun day! And we’ll be going back over and over again this Spring / Summer / Fall / and possibly even warm winter days as I’m investing in their annual pass. It seems like a lot of money to fork over all at once, but Frugal Minnie Mama did the math and after just a couple visits it totally pays for itself.

Looking for something fun and low cost to do with your family this Spring? Check in w/ your local library to see if they have passes to your area’s attractions. Our library has passes to the Children’s Museum, Zoo, Aquarium, Museum of Science, etc that we ‘reserve’ in advance and then get free admission or really cheap admission like only $2 pp. It’s a great way to spend special time w/ your kids w/o breaking the bank.


4 Responses to "Lions, and tigers, and bears. Oh my!"

Wonderful that your library offers these passes. Our library has never organized offering anything like that

Yeah, it really is a huge savings. I absolutely love our local library — they rock!

Awww looks like Isabella had a blast at the Zoo!

She had an awesome time — it’s her favorite place to go. Besides WDW of course! 🙂

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