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Happy Earth Day

Posted on: April 22, 2010

Did you know that today is Earth Day? Yup, that’s right today is a special day to celebrate our planet Earth and be thankful for all of its natural resources. Wow, betcha never thought those words would come out my mouth did ya?!

For those of you who don’t personally know me, I’ve never been the earthy crunchy granola munching Birkenstocks wearing type. And I’m still totally not! I swear, you will never ever catch me wearing those hideous, poor excuse for a sandals. Yes, I occasionally eat granola, but it’s Special K and low-fat so cut me some slack. Anyways, back to my point — since having Isabella I’ve come to realize you don’t need to be all hippie-ish to appreciate how lucky we are to be blessed with a beautiful planet.

Over the years we’ve taken advantage of our planet and haven’t given it the proper love and attention that we need too. Hence, the global warming caused by our pollution, trash fills, etc. I won’t go into a whole long lecture as (a) who wants to listen to me and (b) remember I am not all crunchy so honestly don’t know the facts and statistics. However, what I do know is that we can all do our share to work together to make sure our Earth is here for many more years to come. I definitely want Isabella’s children and their children and all of theirs (you get the idea) to grow up in a clean and beautiful planet just as I am sure you want the same for yours.

So what can we do to help? We can start small with these earth saving & money saving tips:

  • Recycle your plastic, paper, glass, and cans. It also helps you to save $$ by not having to buy as many trash bags.
  • Recycle soda bottles or cans. It sounds silly, but I experimented with this for a few months and last week cashed in all of the hubby’s cans and OMG we had $10 plus change! Yes, that’s not much, but now we can stash it away towards our next Disney vaca.
  • Use a re-usable water bottle instead of buying cases of plastic water bottles.
  • Shut your water off when brushing your teeth, scrubbing dishes, etc.
  • If you can afford to then upgrade to energy-efficient appliances.
  • Shut lights off when you’re not using them. If it’s daytime open the shades and let natural lighting in.
  • Switch over to energy-saving lightbulbs.
  • When you run errands, bring your own re-usable tote bags for your groceries and items. Lots of retailers such as Target and CVS offer rewards programs for bringing your own bags!  
  • Stop using paper towels and paper napkins.
  • Stop using plastic baggies for your kids snacks and use tupper ware or other snack sacks such as these.
  • Teach your children all about our planet and incorporate in little ways for them to help too. A little one can water your vegetable garden or even help you carry small plastic items to the recycling bin!

Okay so those are my top tips to help save the planet! Yes, I could’ve listed purchase a Hybrid vehicle, stop buying cleaning products that aren’t earth friendly, don’t buy aerosol cans, cloth diaper your baby (my mom did!) etc. but we’re taking baby steps!  🙂

What steps do you take to Go Green?


3 Responses to "Happy Earth Day"

It sounds like you’re both doing an awesome job to Go Green!

Happy Earth Day to you too. We’ve shifted to energy efficient appliances as the need arises. We replaced several windows with energy saving ones that really made a difference last winter. Just started researching what energy efficient choices we have in reshingling the house.

I love your list of Earth saving ways! 🙂 I’m working on using reusable bags. My parents don’t like to be told all about how plastic bags are bad. I told them today about using our reusable bags. I hate seeing like 20 plastic bags used for groceries!! 😦

purposedrivenlife4you at gmail do com

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