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Posted on: April 28, 2010

Last night we were “hiding” in the couch cushions when Isabella breaks out into song. Now, this is nothing new as the child absolutely loves singing, dancing, instruments — anything musical! But this time she was singing a brand new song I’ve never heard before and OMG it was the cutest ever!

I gotta get it on video for you to see, but for now it goes like this:

I have a very special friend and Mommy is her name-o.
M-O-M-Y. M-O-M-Y.
And Mommy is her name-o.

All the while she is clapping her little hands and belting this out at the top of her lungs. It was seriously the cutest thing ever!

Yes, I realize it’s supposed to be M-O-M-M-Y, but she’s only two and just learned the song so please cut her a little slack w/ the spelling. Hee hee.

Anyways, I asked her daycare teacher this morning about the song and  the kids have been practicing as it’s gonna be part of their Mother’s Day Show. I really can’t wait to see the kids perform their little songs, it will be so adorable. Most likely the kids won’t all sing and 1/2 of them will cry, but Isabella will be there to save the show as she loves singing no matter who’s watching.  And I know all parents think their kids are the cutest, but let’s be honest here — mine really is!    🙂


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